Your Dance Stories (Pt1)

A Blessing in Disguise

Hayley Tiernan

Hello! My name is Hayley Tiernan and, simply put, I adore dance. I love it more than anything else in the world.

When isolation first started and I heard I couldn’t go to dance, or into the studio at all, I cried a lot. Dancing makes my soul so happy and I love my dance family so very much. Now, not being able to see them and dance with them is heart breaking.

Our classes continued online via Zoom and I am so very grateful for technology at the moment!… (haha) and so grateful I can still dance and learn from home. However, it’s not the same.

Although, in a way I am also grateful for this time of quarantine as I have been able to do so many classes that I never would have been able to do before all this happened. I’ve taken dance classes from instructors all over the world from the comfort of my own home. There are so many online classes for dancers at the moment and it is amazing. I have learnt so much and widened my learning in so many new ways.

A few of the amazing classes I’ve taken online are: technique with Krista Miller, Briar Nolet workouts, GTB combo classes, and many more.

In some crazy way I believe this quarantine is a blessing in disguise. I hope everyone is staying safe and can find something that gives them joy. I recommend looking for some online classes… believe me they’re everywhere and it’s amazing!

by Hayley Tiernan, 16 years, student of Dance Sensations in Shellharbour, NSW.


Costume Fail and a Lesson Learnt

Hi, my name is Claire Morphett and I’m from Tasmania. I want to share with you a story of what happened at my local dance eisteddfod.

The competition I was attending is called the Southern Tasmanian Dancing Eisteddfod. This is the comp my dance school works towards every year and is the main event in Tassie.

Our studio had just merged with another dance school and this was our first competition together. We were bonding really well and the first few days of competition had been great. The Eisteddfod is held over nine days in the school holidays, and it was the second last night when ‘it’ happened.

We were performing our jazz group routine, ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga, and I was so excited. It was one of the biggest crowds that night and most people from my dance school were there because of another big routine that was going onstage (the champion group). The jazz was going great, everyone was giving 110 per cent and I was having so much fun. I had just finished my turning jete and was getting hyped up to go into the next chorey section. And then it happened.

My costume is sleeveless and clips up around the neck. The clip came undone and the neck ties fell down! Luckily, I was wearing a skin-coloured crop top underneath, but it only got worse. My costume continued to slide down until it was at the waist. At this point, a few people had noticed, and we were all a bit off-put by the situation. Nevertheless, our group was still going full out and completely smashing the chorey. I stayed on stage for the rest of the routine without messing up once, and as soon as I got off stage I burst out laughing. It was absolutely hilarious and my teammates were so supportive and we all had a good laugh.

We did end up placing second and I was so happy. Now, whenever I have a costume like that, I always make sure to sew it together!

by Claire Morphett, 13 years, student of Hobart Dance Academy, Tasmania.


Do You Have a Funny or Inspiring Dance Story? Then we want to hear from you!

During this time of staying at home and not being able to attend dance classes and events, we want to hear YOUR DANCE STORIES! Each week we will be looking for the FUNNIEST or MOST INSPIRING Dance/Performance Story from our DanceLife followers. The weekly winner will be published on and via our social media pages and will WIN A PAIR OF BLUETOOTH EARPHONES.

➡️ Stories should be around 500 words.
➡️ The author’s headshot and images to support the story are most welcome.
➡️ Authors can remain anonymous if preferred.
➡️ Open to all ages, but the content must be PG.
➡️ Parents can enter on behalf of their child.
➡️ Send to & include your phone number.

So please Get Writing … as we could all do with a good laugh and some inspiration at the moment. ?

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