Masterclass from a True Master

Online Mentoring from Kelley Abbey

Further Your Dance Education with Australia’s Best

… Stay tuned for our exclusive interview in isolation with Kelley Abbey next week! 

In these exclusive masterclass sessions Kelley Abbey ⏤  Australia’s leading champion of dance and entertainment ⏤  will share experiences and knowledge gained from her broad and varied career as a dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and director.


🔸Requirements of a professional working dancer

🔸Managing your life as a professional (resume, showreels and selling yourself)

🔸Audition technique

🔸Dealing with rejection

🔸Breaking your boundaries

🔸Dealing with injury and body maintenance

🔸Diet & nutrition

🔸Maintaining and developing your creativity

🔸Developing the actor in your dancer

🔸The crossover from dancer to singer and vice versa

🔸Nurturing the choreographer in you

🔸Pioneer choreographers

🔸Adapting to different styles

🔸Dance for film vs theatre stage

🔸Working on your weaknesses

🔸Keeping a positive mindset

🔸Dealing with stress and anxiety in our profession

🔸Keeping motivated in isolation



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