Masterclass from a True Master

Online Mentoring from Kelley Abbey

Further Your Dance Education with Australia’s Best

… Stay tuned for our exclusive interview in isolation with Kelley Abbey next week! 

In these exclusive masterclass sessions Kelley Abbey ⏤  Australia’s leading champion of dance and entertainment ⏤  will share experiences and knowledge gained from her broad and varied career as a dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and director.


?Requirements of a professional working dancer

?Managing your life as a professional (resume, showreels and selling yourself)

?Audition technique

?Dealing with rejection

?Breaking your boundaries

?Dealing with injury and body maintenance

?Diet & nutrition

?Maintaining and developing your creativity

?Developing the actor in your dancer

?The crossover from dancer to singer and vice versa

?Nurturing the choreographer in you

?Pioneer choreographers

?Adapting to different styles

?Dance for film vs theatre stage

?Working on your weaknesses

?Keeping a positive mindset

?Dealing with stress and anxiety in our profession

?Keeping motivated in isolation



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