The Joy Maker Series: Love On a Licence Plate!

Christine Denny

Love On a Licence Plate!

The Joymaker: Article Ten

Author Christine Denny

Hello again and welcome back to The Joy Maker!

Now a lot of you might be thinking…mmm…love on a licence plate? – what does that mean?  Well, quite simply, I thought I would take you on a little adventure I had one day whilst stuck in peak hour traffic. You know, one of those days when you have left your house ten minutes after you should have to get to work on time. So, now you are running late, and then to make matters worse there is an accident up ahead. And now you are stuck in traffic.

I was having one of those days!

But even amid this chaos The Universe sent me a little life lesson to keep me on my toes.

And this particular lesson brightened my day immeasurably.

But before I go on, I must add, that I often find these life lessons come in the most bizarre and unexpected ways. And this one was no different. I was simply driving along, minding my own business, cursing at the traffic [despite it being my fault I was running late], when BAM! There it was! A life lesson to refocus my attention, gain some perspective and give me the opportunity to add more JOY into my life.

It is funny how the simplest of things can change your mood and impact your day in an instant. And for some reason I find such occurrences quite fascinating.

And this was one of those occasions.

One of those times when I was struck by how my mood had instantly shifted, and how quickly and seamlessly it had all happened.

Basically, there I was stuck in peak hour traffic, heading to the other side of town, feeling a little impatient and bored, and annoyed with myself for leaving so late. I was drumming my fingers on the steering wheel trying to amuse myself, listening to some rock tunes and practicing drum fills for my next drumming gig. To say I was feeling agitated and irritable would be an understatement. I was feeling quite stressed out worrying about being late to teach my tap dance classes that afternoon, but equally irritated with myself for causing the situation in the first place.

I am sure you have all experienced a similar thing. And on top of all that I was in traffic that was not moving, and I had unwisely chosen to listen to high-octane rock music as a distraction, while I drummed erratically on the steering wheel of my car.

And then, out of nowhere, looking around in my aggravated state, salvation appeared. A shimmering beacon of hope just ahead in the traffic.

It was a personalised number plate that simply read: LOVE OO




The LOVE on that number plate literally swept into my car and through my entire being in an instant. And suddenly Little Miss Irritable was feeling all happy and chilled out and calm.

It was quite remarkable.

In an instant!

In a flash!

In a heartbeat!

I felt all warm and mushy inside and all signs of irritation, worry and anxiety were a thing of the past.

It was as if that one word had reached over my dashboard and given me a great big hug in the middle of my panic and peak hour traffic. And it felt grand. Like the world was full of love and that was all that mattered.

My fear of being late to teach vanished. My anger at myself for leaving home late melted away. My consternation at the other drivers on the road subsided. My drumming became cheerful and rhythmic as opposed to angry and aggressive. And I felt myself bathed in the afterglow of this one small word.


The feeling was tangible and permeated every muscle and cell in my body. I started humming along with the music playing in my car. The corners of my mouth turned upwards in a happy little smile, and all was good in the world.

In fact, I am curious now, as to how you are feeling, having read the word LOVE?

Did you too, suddenly feel a little softness and mushiness enter your person?

I have heard it said that it is impossible to feel anger or any negative emotion while speaking the word LOVE or thinking about LOVE?

I have tried this theory out for myself and must admit that I have found this, to indeed be the case.

If you try to say I LOVE YOU in a mean, angry or even irritated voice it simply does not ring true. Your heart will still feel the sensation of LOVE, even though your lips are voicing the actual word with another emotion behind it.

It really is the most curious phenomena!!

So, I guess today this quick little blog is simply to point out the POWER OF LOVE and the power that certain words can have over us!

This is why I feel convinced that it is so powerful to fill your dance studio spaces and home with evocative images and phrases that are empowering and uplifting to your staff and students, family and friends, as they really do make a difference.

Positive words and images are indeed evocative and mood enhancing, so I guess the message today, is to be careful what words and statements fill your world.

What are you reading?

What posters are on your walls?

What movies do you see?

All these things can have a serious effect on how you feel. And how the people in your spaces feel too.

I was recently given some lovely drink coasters for my apartment ,and they all have a different word on them:







Notice how you feel when you read each of those words.

Well, that is how my guests feel when they visit and are given one of these coasters.

The words are emblematic, mighty, and moving.

And they represent a wonderful opportunity for you to dictate, or at least encourage whatever mindset or mood you would like to infuse your home and work environments.

So, from a little licence plate named LOVE OO, came this tremendous reminder of the power of words and the power of LOVE.  And my invitation to you today, is that you invite words into your experience that truly make you feel uplifted and joyful. And may you share these words and phrases with the people around you too.

Adorn your walls with posters!

Throw the odd word here and there around your space.

Place a cheery post it on a mirror.

Paint a few uplifting words on a studio wall or out on a fence you own.

It does make a difference.












All these words invoke a positive outlook and cheery disposition.

So, get to it! And create the spaces you live in, to support your growth, happiness, and positivity.

As I always say, The Joy Making of your life, is your responsibility and your greatest opportunity. So, choose those words carefully and have fun, fun, fun!

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Discover Your Joy


NOTE: All Christine’s Joy Maker columns are general in nature and written from the perspective of personal experience, research, and study. They are offered here as advice and support only. Should you be experiencing serious mental health issues, financial concerns, or medical issues of any kind we highly recommend you seek assistance from a trained professional.

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