The Joy Maker Series: The Snowball of Gratitude

Christine Denny

The Snowball of Gratitude

The Joymaker: Article Eleven

Author Christine Denny

Good morning to all and welcome back,

This morning I simply have one question for you:

Have you ever rolled a snowball down a hill?

Have you ever set a chain of events in motion and watched it take off as if it had a life of its own?

Have you ever started a project and realised that once started there was no turning back?

Well, if you answered YES to any of those questions, I would like you to apply that same principle to the act of Gratitude!

That’s right!

I want you to imagine that your sense of gratitude for all that is in your life is like a snowball at the top of a very large and steep hill.

A little tiny ball of snow that will just fit in the palm of your hand at the beginning.

But after you push it down the hill, it builds momentum and grows and grows and grows!

The Gratitude that your started with at the top of the hill, is nothing compared to the size of the ball that presents itself at the bottom of the hill.

And not only has your Snowball of Gratitude grown as it hurtled down the hill, but it has also picked up speed quite dramatically and the compound effect of this speed and size is quite profound.

That Snowball of Gratitude is now paying off great dividends and generating amazing opportunities in all areas of your life. For as your Gratitude Grows, so too does all the positivity, awareness, joy and opportunity that can enter your life. This Snowball of Gratitude can bring you untold joy each day as it becomes a self-perpetuating and self-generating entity.




And all you did was take a tiny little ball of gratitude at the beginning, push it down the hill of your life experience and The Universal Law of Attraction has done the rest.


But now – here is the rub.

An equally small Snowball of Ingratitude can have just the same effect – but in the opposite direction.

Push that little ball of ingratitude, whining and complaining down the hill of your life and it will grow and pick up speed just as rapidly. Hurtling into your life full force on all fronts and wreaking havoc as it goes.

When this little snowball starts creating carnage and taking on a life of its own, you will soon be looking around wondering where all this discontent and disharmony is coming from.

Looking around for someone to blame.

Looking around for sympathy.

Looking around to be assured that it was not your fault.

It was what life threw at you!

It was the cards you were dealt!

It was the unfairness of life!


Perhaps you can see now that it may really be what you have thrown at yourself. This tiny little Snowball of Ingratitude, in response to all the good in your life, that has been pushed unwittingly down the hill by you and left to gather momentum.

In full disclosure, I must openly admit that I have been guilty of this a lot in my past. It is so easy to look at what is wrong in your life, instead of focusing on what is right. And from experience I can say that this “attitude of ingratitude” is a total mood killer! But once you build an awareness and reverence for all the blessings in your life, they tend to increase and magnify. And quite magically, the bonus is that it is impossible to feel negative, sad or depressed, when you are focused on appreciating what you already have and showing gratitude for it on a daily basis.

If you are thinking you have no idea what to be grateful for, a simple way to increase the Snowball of Gratitude in your life is to start a daily gratitude practice.  I find that bookending your gratitude is a fail-safe way to start and end each day with a wonderful feeling of appreciation. So, here are some simple suggestions for you.

  1. When you awaken each morning, stop, and think about all the blessings you currently have in your life. Writing a journal is a great way to do this. And making a list of ten things you love about your life is a great way to start each day. It can be something as simple as:

“I am so grateful for the beautiful sunshine outside my window”.


“I am so grateful that I can afford to buy myself yummy eggs and bacon for breakfast”.


“I am so grateful for the barista at my coffee shop and my morning coffee”.


“I am so grateful for my children and the cuddles they give me each morning”.

Just keep writing until you have ten things and then try to stop and really feel the JOY of having those things I your life. Running water, friends who support you, the birds chirping in the trees, your cup of tea, your family, your health. Whatever it is – just feel thankful for all you have.

  1. In the evening before you go to bed, reflect on your day and choose the things you loved most before you go to sleep. If you live with someone else, a partner or children, you may like to do this as a communal activity, and all share the things you loved most about your day. And then you may choose your one favourite aspect to your day!

These two simple rituals can have a huge impact upon your days and fill them up with gratitude and positivity. Which will have the residual effect of leaving you feeling happy, positive, uplifted, and focused on all the good around you.

As they say “Where the attention goes, the energy flows!”

So today I invite you to really think about what you are pushing down your Hill of Your Life.

A Snowball of Gratitude – to grow and pick up speed and generate untold joy and opportunity in your life.


A Snowball of Ingratitude – to grow and pick up speed and generate untold misery and lack of opportunity in your life.

As with all things in life – we are all players in this game and as such, you get to choose how you play the game.

You get to choose what you set in motion around you.

So, my advice is to choose a Snowball of Gratitude and send it fearlessly into your life, to magnetise amazing people, opportunities, and experiences towards you – collecting these things like a huge, self-perpetuating entity that easily and effortlessly brings all the good you need into your life.

 The Snowball of Gratitude – there is nothing better!

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NOTE: All Christine’s Joy Maker columns are general in nature and written from the perspective of personal experience, research, and study. They are offered here as advice and support only. Should you be experiencing serious mental health issues, financial concerns, or medical issues of any kind we highly recommend you seek assistance from a trained professional.

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