The Joy Maker Series:Meet the Heavy Hitters for Punching Out Your Goals!

Christine Denny

Mr Support and Little Miss Challenge: Meet the Heavy Hitters for Punching Out Your Goals!

The Joymaker: Article Twelve

Author Christine Denny

Hello again and welcome back to The Joy Maker!

This is a topic that I have found quite fascinating in recent times, as I didn’t connect the dots myself till relatively late! So, today I thought I would share this hypothesis with you all for your consideration.

And the proposition is this.

I believe that as we go through life, we tend to be fond of people who support what we want to do, what we say and what we think. And less fond of people who challenge our thoughts, methodologies, and ideas. But the truth of the matter is, that for us to truly develop our ideas, concepts, and goals we need to have both Mr Support and Little Miss Challenge there beside us along the way.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that without these two elements of cheer squad and opposition, it would be very difficult for us to figure out what we truly believe in and what avenues we should pursue to get where we are going in one piece! We need this support and opposition to figure out:

What we are prepared to fight for!

What opinions we will defend to the end!

What matters to us!

What values we are not willing to compromise on!

What is the best path for us to take to get where we are going!

This thought struck me whilst defending my position and plans during a rather robust conversation one evening. My opponent was most decisive in his opinion and was striking blow for blow as we went through our paces. I must admit that I was struggling to keep up at some stages as I was battered with statistical analysis of various types and loads of facts and figures.

I guess I tend to argue a point from a more emotive, humanistic, or creative/artistic standpoint and the grilling I was getting was substantive. But struggle on I did. So as this was all going on, my mind suddenly wandered off and I thought to myself “I really care about this project, and I will keep on debating this topic. I am sure it will work. I am confident it can work. And I want to know more of what my LITTLE MISS CHALLENGE for the evening thinks.”

I thought he had brought up a lot of great points and I was determined to find answers to them.


It was a light-bulb moment for sure.

In that very moment, I suddenly realized the huge advantages of LITTLE MISS CHALLENGE. Sure, she can be incredibly irritating to say the least – but she gets the job done.

She gets you thinking.

She takes you to the next level.

She takes you to the place of fixing the problems before they have shown up on your doorstep. Without her, you would not even have considered all those unforeseen issues.

But what of MR SUPPORT I hear you scream – is he not of equal importance?

Well – indeed he is.

If all we heard was LITTLE MISS CHALLENGE in the background, criticizing every plan we had and shooting down every idea that came to us, we would curl up in a little ball and just roll back quietly down the hill to where we belong. But fortunately, life has furnished us with two equal and opposite forces that complement each other ideally. And often perfectly.

Whilst LITTLE MISS CHALLENGE is doing her utmost to convince us that our plans are inconceivable, unachievable and non-redeemable, MR SUPPORT will be beefing it up in the corner, assuring us that we have a perfectly splendid idea that will easily make it to the Heavy Weight Division of the World Title Bout.

The challenge here is to accept and use both lots of input to get you going full steam ahead on your mission. You simply need to recognize both aspects for the wonderful gift that they are. Acknowledge that both LITTLE MISS CHALLENGE and MR SUPPORT are both contributing vast amounts to your success.

One is giving you the confidence to go forward.

The other is giving you the forethought to look at otherwise unseen problems, and an opportunity to hone your responses when attacked for your project or idea.

The perfect match.

And harking back to my last Joy Maker Post about The Snowball of Gratitude, they both bring opportunities for large amounts of appreciation.

If you have LITTLE MISS CHALLENGE and MR SUPPORT in your life, you are a lucky person indeed.

So, look around you, and cast your eye around for people who represent both of these aspects.

If you are surrounded by “Yes Men”, a cheer squad that never dares to question your ideas or suggest alternatives – you could be missing out on honing your vision to perfection.

And if you are surrounded by “Nay Sayers” who constantly put you down and tell you that you have no chance of achieving your vision – you could decide not to try at all.

So having both is a healthy and natural balance that can catapult you toward your goals and dreams like nothing else can.

The heavy hitters should always be in your corner for sure. So, as soon as you see one of them walk away, make sure to go find some replacements.

But as challenging as it can sometimes be, try to remember that LITTLE MISS CHALLENGE also has much to offer, and will make sure all risks are summarily accounted for. So, listen up, think, adjust, be flexible and take in all she has to say. You don’t have to agree – but you would be wise to listen and consider.

And MR SUPPORT – well, he will make sure you have the confidence to step out and take the plunge, despite all the questions, judgement and antagonism thrown at you along the way by LMC [Little Miss Challenge]. He may not always be realistic – but that’s OK! He has other skills on offer. Another agenda. Giving you self-confidence, hope and an unending energy to deliver on your project.

So, I encourage you to go out and assemble a great team.

A balanced team.

A team with both support and challenge.

And you will be on your way.


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NOTE: All Christine’s Joy Maker columns are general in nature and written from the perspective of personal experience, research, and study. They are offered here as advice and support only. Should you be experiencing serious mental health issues, financial concerns, or medical issues of any kind we highly recommend you seek assistance from a trained professional.

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