Audition Tips from the Pros

Audition Pro Tips

Quote 1: What is the best advice you would give to students planning on auditioning for your courses/programs? 

Quote 2: What do you look for in potential students/company members in the audition process in their journey to becoming an artist?


Robyn Parras

“Come prepared to work 110% and give us everything that you have. Our audition will include technique, set choreography and improvisation. We want to see your performance quality throughout the audition and get to know your personality and style. Our auditions are set up to draw the best out of each dancer, so come ready to be yourself, and to shine.”

“We look for students who are ready to take their talent to the next level. It is important that our students are willing to adapt within the ever-evolving dance industry, as we are constantly keeping up to date with industry trends. We also look for students who have drive and self motivation with the ambition to not only succeed within the performing arts industry, but who have the drive to push themselves beyond their limits.”

Robyn Parras, Principal/Director
Rock The Block Professional


Susan Peacock

“Remember why you like dancing and try to relax and enjoy the class. We are looking at technique, but also want to see the dancer inside. Wear something appropriate, that you look and feel good in. Don’t be afraid to ask a question if you need something clarified – we like thinking dancers! Make sure you stand where you can be seen – and that you make the most of your particular strengths. If you make a mistake just pick it up and keep going – if you receive a correction try to apply the information.”

“WAAPA looks for good basic alignment, a strong technical base and reasonable potential in terms of an expanded movement range, flexibility and strength; A willingness to listen, adapt and respond to feedback; A natural ability to dance, good musicality, and the courage to take risks, to try something different or unfamiliar; and an honest sense of performance and a clear passion for dance.”

Sue Peacock, Acting Head of Dance
Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts


Elena De Cinque

“The ED5INTERNATIONAL auditions consist of dance, vocal and acting components as well as a private interview. This provides us with a great deal of insight into the person and what they aspire to achieve. We also establish if we are the appropriate course for the individual, as this is vital for their future success. More importantly we get to know them as a person, not just a number. Remember this is a Performing Arts Course; it is in essence about performing. We do not expect everyone to have all skills set; you cannot be perfect at everything. We advise everyone to attend the audition, give us an opportunity to tailor make a plan for your career. TIP: All we want to see is something special about you your ‘uniqueness’.”

“There are two main factors that we look for in potential students — listening skills and being a hard worker. If they listen and commit to their training they are then able to apply the information, which enables them to change, leading to growth as an artist and, more importantly, the artist that they want to be. The simple formula is listening, hard work, receiving the relevant tools from a reputable training institution that is respected within the International entertainment industry.”

Elena de Cinque, Founder & Director


Gabrielle Robinson

“I believe that it’s important to know ‘why’ you are auditioning. Having clarity around your intention and goals is the first step to knowing whether or not the course is the right thing for you.” 

“We look for dancers who are positive in spirit, who contribute to the course, and who take initiative and have a deep hunger to achieve their goals. It’s important that potential students have a clear vision for the future and a desire to contribute positively to the industry.”

Gabrielle Robinson, Director
Empowerdance & Gravity Dance


Brett Morgan

“Come with the right mindset and energy. Be positive, enthusiastic and ready to be noticed. Don’t compare yourself to others in the room – show us the best you have to offer. Ask questions if you’re not sure of an exercise. Don’t get in the car on the way home and feel you could have done things better or differently, know you gave it your best. Choose a leotard that suits you and present yourself immaculately. Remember, we are a training school, we are not looking for perfection, we look for solid basics and good potential.” 

As a base line we are looking for solid technique and dance co-ordination. However, individuality, passion and determination are what will get you across the line. We look for someone who can receive feedback positively and take direction, someone who gives a positive vibe and is willing to be outside their comfort zone to take them to the next level.”

Brett Morgan, Director
National College of Dance


Kelly Aykers

“The most important thing is to relax and be yourself whilst staying focused and committed to the audition process. It’s also important not to over think it and put too much pressure on yourself – nobody enters full time study as the perfect dancer so it is as much about attitude and potential as it is a strong skill set.  Remember that you dance because you love it so this should be no exception – embrace the opportunity and enjoy yourself!”

“Whether I am holding auditions for a full scale musical or for entry into our full time course, the rules remain the same. Placement and technique are important, but so is your ability to take direction, to show respect and to keep an open mind. One question I often ask applicants to my full time course is what they see as their dream job – not only does that tell me a lot about the dancer and how they see themselves in the industry, but it helps me cater to them and ensure that the audition and their full time study is everything they want it to be.”

Kelly Aykers, Director
Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance


Kris Lewis
Laura Webb

“We are always looking for the fearless individuals. The dancer in the room with an open mind, a sense of adventure, and a work ethic that shows us how hard they are willing to work to make their dreams and ambitions come true.”

Kris Lewis & Laura Webb, Directors


Lucas Newland

“The panel of judges are on your side, they want you to be great! Good energy in the room goes a long way. Work hard, listen, be kind and considerate in the space.”

“Students who are open to learning new things and going outside their comfort zone. Brent Street trains students across all genres of the performing arts for a highly competitive industry. It’s important that our students are open to try everything, make mistakes and grow from them. Potential comes in many forms, not just physical ability. Persistence, determination and passion are always great indicators of potential.”

Lucas Newland, Director
Brent Street


Emily Collin

“Be as professional as possible in every part of the audition process. We want to work with dancers who are well trained and diverse, but who also hold themselves to a professional standard which allows us to help them go even further in their career.”

“The obvious answer is training, but it’s true! Good training is an absolute necessity to be a professional in this industry, no matter what kind of artist/dancer you want to be. We also look for heart and drive and we can almost always tell this from watching someone dance. Dancers who are open to learning and growing, and are not afraid of failing as a result of giving all — they are the ones who completely transform in our program. The last thing we look for is professionalism. Being easy to work with, reliable and organised are such easy ways to set yourself apart and ensure that people will work with you over and over again.”

Emily Collin, Director of Educational Programs
Broadway Dance Center


Roseanna Castellana

“Know who you are — be you! In order to gain the most from Queensland College of Dance courses it is important for you to have a clear career choice in mind so that we can tailor an individual program to meet your needs. Set your goals high, know what you want to achieve so that we can help you get there!”

 “Some of the most important qualities we consider during our audition process are professionalism, determination and confidence. When considering dancers for our Classical stream, we are looking for a physical facility that can be developed to a professional level along with a natural sense of artistry and musicality. For our Commercial and Musical Theatre streams, we are looking for performers with great energy, style and personality.”

Rosanna Castellana, Director
Queensland College of Dance


Michelle Forte

“The best advice I could give to dancers auditioning for Austinmer Dance Theatre is to come with an open mind and curiosity to learn and explore unique movement qualities and experiences. Be fully present, and do not compare yourself to anyone else in the room and allow yourself to enjoy, learn and trust in the audition process.”

“Without doubt the main qualities I look for in any dancer is passion, commitment and dedication to their craft. While I love and appreciate talent and great technique, these are not the main elements I look for in potential apprentices and company members. Technique can be developed over time, however, work ethic and true commitment from within cannot. All Austinmer Dance Theatre company members must possess a deep willingness to learn and grow both on a personal and professional level. They must approach class and rehearsals with an open mindset and undoubtable commitment towards future goals while supporting their peers. At Austinmer Dance Theatre we support and lift each other up to become the best dancer and person we can possibly be!”

Michelle Forte, Founder & Artistic Director
Austinmer Dance Theatre


Adrian Ricks

“At Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance, we offer such variety and exposure in our courses that it’s important to embrace every part of what is being offered. By doing so, our students gain many versatile skills along with a deep understanding of the arts industry. Our alumni graduate with many more attributes and growth in their craft and as such they have a greater success and traction in their career paths within the arts and entertainment industry.” 

“Although a strong technical base is always helpful it isn’t everything that a performer needs. When auditioning potential applicants for our full time course, I look for performance quality, natural potential and most of all a great attitude and aptitude. If you have a willingness and drive to work hard to push yourself, you will see the value from all that is offered in our course and that there is always something that can be gained. If you come in with this work ethic and mind set you will undoubtedly grow within your craft and graduate as a much more skilled, versatile and employable performer.”

Adrian Ricks, Director of Dance
Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance


Briden Starr

“Bring your uniqueness, your individuality and come with an open mind! It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the best dancer in the room. We want to see potential and want to see your work ethic.”

“We look for students who are hungry and passionate. Our full time course is hard. We will push you beyond your boundaries, however, you aren’t going through it alone. We are with you every step of the way, to help shape you into the artist you need to be for the performing arts industry. Be ready to work hard, and be a sponge!”

Briden Starr, Director
Village Nation


Maxine Kohler

“Don’t be nervous about auditioning. For us it’s about discovering new students and what they can bring to the College community. Everyone is unique and brings something different to the table. It’s about collaboration and not competition.”

“We look for a creative spark, whether that is through skill or passion, or both. You don’t have to be the best but you do have to be committed, open-minded, hard working and ready to learn.”

Maxine Kohler, Principal
The McDonald College


Deanna Castellana

Just be you! In contemporary dance, the best work is the most original work. We look for originality of movement that is authentic and unique to each dancer. The expression of movement through dance coupled with a strong understanding of contemporary technique will always make for a successful dancer. Merge Dance Theatre encourages the quirky, unique and wonderful side of each individual and this will set them apart in our auditions.”

“As Merge Dance Theatre is a bridging company to professional work, we are looking for a solid technical foundation in contemporary technique so that we can develop and push the creative side of contemporary dance. An artist who is open to change and exploring different ways of moving through the space is ideal for this company. It is vital that the dancer responds well to task work as so much of contemporary dance comes from uniquely created movement with intent and meaning behind it. This means the dancer has a voice – and we want to hear it!”

Deanna Castellana, Artistic Director
Merge Dance Theatre


Sarah Boulter

“The best advice we would give to students planning for auditioning for Ev & Bow would be to relax and enjoy the day. At our audition we are not looking for a polished dancer, we believe that is why you are investing in your training. We want to see your personality, your commitment and your willingness to try anything thrown at you at our audition. We are interested in students who have questions about our course so that we can shape their dance future together.”

“Ev & Bow looks for young dancers who are passionate about their craft. We love hard workers who have a real sense of personal style. Obviously a strong technical background helps, however is not essential. Some of our most successful graduates have entered the course with little to no ballet training and have gone on to have amazing dance careers. Ev & Bow are interested in versatile dancers, across ballet, contemporary and all performing arts styles.”

Sarah Boulter, Co-Director
Ev&Bow Full Time Dance Training Centre


Natalie Ettingshausen

“There are a lot of full time courses to choose from in Australia, which can make the decision overwhelmingly hard and stressful. You need to be clear on what you want to get out of the next step in your career training, as every school has something different to offer. Start by narrowing your school selection down to 2 and ask friends or graduates who have done the training about their experience. Get involved in discussions on open days and audition days, and show that you’re open to learning new styles that may not be your strength.”

“Ettingshausens PRO looks for eager students that are willing to develop themselves in every aspect of performing arts. We take into account ability, maturity, engagement and interest in training at Ettingshausens PRO, as well as the students readiness for full time dance when considering applicants for our elite dance courses.”

Natalie Ettingshausens, Director
Ettingshausens PRO


Xanthe Geeves

At  Sydney College of Dance, we focus on each individual student to help them to achieve their personal goals for a professional career in dance. We interview all applicants as part of their audition process. We would advise students to write down a list of their personal goals before they audition for our college.  Applicants are advised to make use of the warm up studio before the audition commences. Dancers are expected to present themselves in a professional manner, be open to new experiences, and be prepared to display artistry as well as technical ability. Female dancers will be required to use their pointe shoes at some time during the process.”

SCD is looking for passionate dancers with established clean classical technique and an open-minded approach to new contemporary styles. They should demonstrate the ability to interpret choreographic direction and show their artistic, musical and dynamic qualities to their best ability.

Xanthe Geeves, Artistic Director
Sydney College of Dance






Austinmer Dance Theatre
Brent Street
Dynamite Studios
Ministry of Dance
The McDonald College