Spectrum Dance Studios

Spectrum Dance Studios  (delivered via RTO 3059 & 31624)

CUA30113:  Certificate III in Dance
CUA40113:  Certificate IV in Dance
CUA50213:  Diploma of Musical Theatre
(Above qualifications awarded by Swinburne University of Technology RTO 3059 and delivered by Spectrum Dance)
CUA50113:  Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance)
(Above qualification awarded by Australian Teachers of Dancing RTO 31624 and delivered by Spectrum Dance)
Spectrum Advanced Elite Performance Program

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Spectrum Dance Studios prepares professional dancers for a comprehensive career in commercial, musical theatre and company dance. We offer our students the opportunity to excel through specialised teaching techniques whilst focusing on individual student development.

We believe the key to our students’ success is to provide an individually tailored curriculum that develops advanced performance techniques in all facets of dance, singing and acting. In addition to these core skills, Spectrum Dance provide opportunities to engage in the entertainment industry, through an Industry Based Learning program with Spectrum Talent Agency, placing our students at the forefront of their peers.

The directors Trish Squire-Rogers and Katie Rappel work closely with their faculty of highly acclaimed dancers, choreographers and instructors to deliver the most outstanding accredited full-time dance course within Australia.

Classical Ballet, Pas de Deux, variety of Contemporary Techniques, Commercial Dance, Partnering, Hip Hop, Choreography, Lyrical, Jazz Technique/Progressions, Tap (traditional/street), Modern/Contemporary, Partnering, Choreography, Lyrical, Vocal Training, Fitness Training, Barre Attack, Pilates, Acrobatics, Auditioning Techniques, Show Business Skills, On-Camera Performance, Performance Technologies, Theatrical Make-up and Hairstyling.

Trish Squire-Rogers, Katie Molan-Rappel, Stephen Wheat, Yvette Lee, Oleg Timursin, Michael Ralph, Darren Tyler, Troy Phillips, Vanessa Hill, Elly Creevey, Jared Bryan, Freya List, Hooman & Dalena, Anthony Pepe, Billie Casey-Jabore, Tyrone Anthony, Tracie Morley, Jack May, Adam Parson, Willie Gomez, Kristina Hardner & Will Jones.

“When I was accepted into Spectrum Dance’s full time course I believed that I would graduate a better dancer. I had goals and dreams for my future career but I only saw them as ‘dreams’. I never would have believed that I could ever sing in front of anyone, I just didn’t think I had the talent, and that path was just not for me. Now I have been contracted with Royal Caribbean International for the incredibly groovy musical production of ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Spectrum Dance brought so much talent out in me that I didn’t even know was there. At Spectrum Dance I experienced first-hand so much variety of performance through Industry Based Training that I could never have experienced without attending this full time course. Spectrum Dance has given me the tools to personally perform as a contemporary dancer, a showgirl, a children’s entertainer, a jewellery model, a corporate commercial dancer, a cheerleader and now a musical theatre triple threat!” ⏤  Shaelea Harrison, 2018 Graduate


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