Lee Academy Full Time

Lee Academy Full Time  (RTO 70230)

CUA30113:   Certificate III in Dance
CUA40113:   Certificate IV in Dance
CUA40313:   Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management
CUA40815:   Certificate IV in Arts Administration
CUA50213:   Diploma of Musical Theatre
CUA50113:   Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) ⏤ Classical/Contemporary/Commercial Dance
CUA50113:   Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) ⏤ Acrobatics & Aerial Live Performance
CUA60113:   Advanced Diploma in Dance (Elite Performance)

Auditions and interviews are by appointment and are now open for 2020.

Lee Academy Full Time takes dancers from students to professionals. Providing a guided career pathway for aspiring performers and giving you every opportunity to expand your skills, nurture your versatility and explore your artistic self-expression. Our courses get you a huge leap closer to your dream and guide you into a successful professional career. As an industry leader, Lee Academy has the authority, and privilege, to deliver its own uniquely developed and highly successful full time courses that are Nationally accredited. Our courses are flexible, responsive to our dancers’ needs and what the industry is looking for at any given time.

Advanced Diploma in Dance (Elite Performance) — Graduates of this program are robustly competitive & are positioned on the forefront of the performing arts industry. An incredibly diverse range of career options is available to the graduate artist. Training for the world-class performer, a physically intense program with abundant opportunities in all facets of the performing arts. Graduates leave with a higher recognition credential allowing an easier transition to University should they wish to take this path.

Diploma in Dance (Elite Performance) — Diploma in Dance is a higher qualification, & therefore performers will graduate with a higher level of skills & technical ability, giving them the competitive edge in the audition room, & the industry as a whole. Students can concentrate their training specifically in the dance genres of Contemporary/Ballet or Commercial Dance OR in the circus arts of Acrobatics and Aerial Live Performance.

Diploma of Musical Theatre — Focussed on singing, dancing & acting, students are prepared for outstanding careers in the Musical Theatre industry. Obtaining skills & knowledge in audition preparation, musical theatre live performance & industry practises. This course is taught by currently working & highly-skilled musical theatre professionals with excellent connections to the industry.

Certificate IV in Dance — For dancers embracing full time elite training and a stepping-stone into a successful professional career. A one-year full time course encompassing all dance styles, acting, singing, acrobatics & aerial.

Certificate III in Dance — Provides a foundation year for young people who aim to become professional performers. This course is for dancers between 15 and 16, who have completed Year 10 or equivalent.

Accent Training, Acrobatics/Gymnastics, Acrodancer, Acting, Anatomy & Nutrition, Ballroom Dance, Choreography, Classical Ballet (RAD), Contemporary, Dance Psychology, Heel Technique, Hip-Hop, Industry Practices, Jazz – Broadway & Commercial, Kicks Turns Leaps, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Musical Theatre Theory & History, Partnering, Pointe, Pop Vocal, Private Tuition, Professional Development, Psychology, Silk Tissue, Trapeze & Lyra, Stage & Screen Choreography, Stage & Theatre Practices, Stagecraft, Tap, Theatre Dance, Theatre Vocal, Theatrical Make-Up, Tumbling/Flips, Vocal Ensemble


Austinmer Dance Theatre
Brent Street
Dynamite Studios
Ministry of Dance
The McDonald College