Austinmer Dance Theatre

Austinmer Dance Theatre

1 Year Part Time Pre-Professional/Developmental Program

Sunday 25th August 2019 (for dancers aged 17-25)
Registrations essential:

‘BUT WHY’ ⏤ 2019 Season 1 Production
Sydney Fringe Festival:  5 – 7th September 2019 – ACA Theatre, The Forum, Leichhardt
Melbourne Fringe Festival:  September – TBC

Our mission for Austinmer Dance Theatre is to act as a stepping stone for all dancers looking to enter the professional dance industry. We build strong confident dancers through passion and commitment giving them the physical edge and the inner strength required to achieve their dreams in an environment where, training, technique, support and encouragement are key to future success. We aim to be geographically and financially available to all dancers who aspire to great things but are unable to reach the opportunities that are vital to their professional career.

Austinmer Dance Theatre’s one year program running from February – November provides company members with a minimum of 4 performance seasons where dancers are given the unique opportunity to work closely with leading national and international choreographers in a professional environment. Dancers are given valuable first hand experience of what its like to be in a professional company.

Our company aims to provide dancers with professional experience on a local, national and international scale without the need to commit to full-time international training programs.

Austinmer Dance Theatre is all about providing a genuine professional experience for all company members. Rather than providing a large variety of teachers throughout the year, we offer our dancers the real life experience of working first hand with National and International choreographers. This is something dancers within this age bracket would normally need to travel overseas for.

With a minimum of 2 International and 1 National guest choreographers working directly with our dancers, they are able to experience first hand what its like to be in a professional dance company. With this exposure also comes the opportunity to be noticed and selected by these guest choreographers for future paid National and International opportunities.

“As soon as I stepped into the studio for my audition, I was mesmerised by the unique ways in which the company dancers moved. Their creativity when improvising was captivating and reminded me of some of the movement I was exposed to in Europe. To have an environment that encourages and nurtures the individuals’ ideas and movement languages is an asset to the Australian dance community. To have a not for profit company with such a forward thinking director and family of dancers with such a passion to surpass themselves brings something great to the community and everyone involved.”Demi Martin, Current company member since 2016

“To have a pre-professional company accessible to a regional area that provides such a high caliber of artistry, has had a significant impact on my career. The company and the immense talent it produces is nothing short of outstanding, a credit to the most beautiful and dedicated director.” ⏤ Madi High, Company member 2014 – 2018


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