Creating Confident Dancers

Self Savvi Helps Girls Through the Teen Years

Alisha Coon is passionate about seeing girls grow into adults who have a healthy attitude about themselves, so she has developed a toolbox of activities and workshops to help girls navigate their emotions, self image, stress and motivation throughout the difficult teenage years.
Offering both on-site workshops and online programs and support, Self Savvi was launched in January.
The interactive workshops are for Teenage Girls and their parents, and cover a range of topics such as positive body image, stress management and self confidence.
As a ballet teacher and ex-professional dancer with Sydney Dance Company and 7 years working overseas with several companies, Alisha is well aware of the pressures that face teenage girls and their families, especially those wishing to pursue a career in dance.
Utilising her training in Dance Movement Therapy, Alisha has created online courses as another avenue of support for teenage girls to help them develop healthy habits around positive mental and physical health.
“At a time in their lives where they are starting to seek independence, they are also testing the boundaries in terms of their relationships with family and teachers, ” said Alisha.
“I feel it is so important for teenagers to have an avenue of support in addition to their family and teachers. As a ballet teacher, I care about the mental health of my students and try to teach my students breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, but I find that there is such limited time with exams, competitions and concert preparations etc!”
Self Savvi offers four courses: Self-Confidence, Stress Management, Emotional Toolkit and Motivation. The online courses are designed so that teenagers can access the information on the go and learn the skills and tools at their own pace. Studios that book in a free workshop will receive a special offer on the courses.
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