THE BLACK EYED PEAS INTERNATIONAL DANCE WORKSHOPS‘The Foundary’, is proud to announce the hosting of the next exciting international dance workshops this September and October with the dancers from The Black Eyed Peas World The E.N.D. Tour 2009 in Hip Hop, Jazz Funk and Contemporary to be held in Brisbane 29 September, Sydney 3 October, Adelaide 4 October, Melbourne 8 October, Perth 9 October, and Auckland, NZ
12 October.
Many dancers in Australia dream of becoming a backup dancer for a major music artist on a world tour. ‘The Foundary’ is giving you the next best thing, a chance to learn from the actual backup dancers of one of the hottest, modern Hip Hop music groups in the world, The Black Eyed Peas!
Any dance student who has been to an international dance workshop knows the buzz you get in these high level classes. Who wouldn¹t want to experience at least one hour just to absorb the energy and magic these dancers create on and off the stage.
Annie Murdoch, the founder and director of ‘The Foundary’ is excited to bring such amazing, fresh, international dance flavour to dance students here in Australia & New Zealand. For full details on the dancers, video and how to register, log on to The Foundary¹s website at