AUDITIONS! BE PREPAREDWith the FAME and MARY POPPINS AUDITIONS coming up next month it’s really important that you’re prepared. I was chatting with an icon in the musical theatre world last week about auditions and how some performers go into an audition with a “if it’s meant to happen, I will get the gig”. He completely disagreed with this way of thinking and believes you are either under prepared or not right for the role. Why not get one of those objections out of the way before you walk in the door and be PREPARED. For this reason we have some information below about the workshops that Tia Jordan is running to assist performers who are going for Mary Poppins and FAME. If you want to make the most out of your audition check out Tia’s workshop.
Tia’s Point Of View (POV)
With SYTYCD auditions underway, and Fame and Mary Poppins auditions about to begin, October is shaping up to be an audition fest. It’s a time of excitement, but for many performers there’s no escaping the nerves and anxiety that go with it.
The words and actions of accomplished people are like an elevator towards success . No-one needs be told the importance of confidence in our industry. But if you don’t allow your vulnerability to shine you’ll be stuck in the basement. Listen up below because the door to your success elevator is now open.
MAX LAMBERT, Musical Director on the upcoming FAME, is like an encyclopaedia when it comes to Musical Theatre. He really understands dancers’ minds, and shared this exquisite jewel of information at the 2008 Audition Journey Workshop hosted by Audition Guru.
“Curiously, the more insecure people were, the more they gave of themselves. If you’re bulletproof you miss out on giving the exchange. – Max Lambert
Tia’s POV – As Triple Threats we are conditioned towards looking and sounding perfect. The problem is, most audience members don’t really care about perfect people. And if the
audience doesn’t care, the show won’t work. My tip when auditioning for Max is BREATHE, big, deep, low breaths, (air is power to singers) and be YOU.
GENEVIEVE LEMON, who played Mrs Wilkinson in BILLY ELLIOT, is an instinctive genius of her craft. Here’s a dollop of the delicious advice she offered at the Audition Specific Preparation Workshop hosted by Audition Guru in Melbourne in June 2009.
“Over confidence could be just nerves masked in another way. Everyone gets nervous. The trick is to acknowledge the nerves and perform your best in spite of them.” – Genevieve Lemon.
Tia’s POV – The world’s most loved performers reveal their flaws, and the chinks in their armour. This is how we come to care about them. Be confident in your imperfections.
Cultivate powerful relationships with your peers but be careful about taking on their advice. Instead seek the help of mentors who are working experts in your chosen field.
AND have FUN! Chookas!
Tia Jordan
Audition Guru is hosting Audition Specific Preparation Workshops this week.
Saturday 26th September
Fame Focussed Workshop
2pm – 6pm
Sunday 27th September
Mary Poppins Focussed Workshops
KIDS $37
9:30 – 11:30am
12 noon – 5:30
Monday 28th September
Mary Poppins Focussed Workshops
9:30 – 3pm
KIDS $37
3:30 -5:30pm
Wednesday 30th September
Fame Focussed Workshop
10am -2pm
Do both the Mary Poppins & the Fame focused workshops. Pay only $107 for
both & SAVE $67 ($174 full price***)
Please email for more information