Auditions for Bonnie Lythgoe Productions “Snow White”

Bonnie Lythgoe’s Snow White

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta

A Performance Season at the RIVERSIDE Theatre in Parramatta! 
Rehearsals commence from Thursday 29 August 2024. Playing Season ends on Saturday 21 September 2024


Female Approximately 5’5 – 5’9

They are looking for male and female dancers with strong Jazz and Hip Hop styles. any tricks , acrobatics and or breakdance skills are a plus.

Be ready to dance first, please be warm and ready to dance, dress to impress and wear jazz shoes or runners.

Please bring your head shot, updated CV and the attached form completed.


Sex – Male

Age -17 -28 years of age

Height – 5ft  – 6ft 6 inches

Professional Dancer /Actor

  • Ability to sing not essential
  • Character
  • For the most part, the names of the Courtiers in “Snow White ” represent emotions or “feelings” that best describe the actions, personalities or disposition of the characters. Together, all seven courtiers as one, represent the range of human emotions.
  • We are looking to cast, to join Dozy and Smiley, the following characters
  • SKIPPER – exudes energy and enthusiasm, always eager to take on             challenges or embark on new adventures. Possessing a self-                      assured   demeanour, Skipper exudes confidence in their          abilities          and decisions. Quick thinking and adaptable, Skipper can                           creatively problem-solve and navigate unexpected situations.
  • GROUCHY – Grouchy may have a tendency to see the negative side of situations and be distrustful or cynical. Could have a potential for growth, showing a gradual shift towards a more positive outlook
  • BLUSHER – Blusher may shy away from being the centre of attention, preferring to work behind the scenes or support others from the sidelines. Gradually gaining confidence and stepping out of their comfort zone, perhaps inspired by Snow White or other characters who encourage them to be bolder
  • ALEJANDRO – A passionate and flamboyant courtier known for his  love for music and dance. With a flair for the dramatic, Alejandro embraces extravagance and loves to make a statement, both in appearance and behaviour. With a flair for the dramatic, Alejandro embraces extravagance and loves to make a statement, both in appearance and behaviour.
  • NOISY — Noisy might have a distinctive voice that stands out in conversations, perhaps being on the louder side. Noisy exudes energy and enthusiasm A perpetual optimist, Noisy sees the bright side of situations and uplifts others with their positivity. Despite being talkative, Noisy is also a compassionate listener, offering support and comfort to those in need.
  • Script– Must be prepared to read a couple of sides of script.


Friday 31 May for callbacks (TIMES TO BE CONFIRMED )

VENUE – 70 O’Riordan St Alexandria (Opposite the homemaker centre and appx 5 mins from previous studio)

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