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Article by Renee Ritchie

Dance International has been created to give Australian dancers and Artists more opportunities than what is available to them in their own country. Australia is a wonderful country and we are blessed with opportunities more than many other places around the world but the hard truth is and we all know it… Australia supports and love sports and anything in the arts sector can be at times looked upon as a hobby. The United States of America is the centre of the entertainment world, especially Los Angeles and New York. As Australia offers a small amount of work in the arts the truth is the big productions, TV Shows, Movies, LIVE tours, Broadway Shows are in America.

Dance International was created by Creative Director Renee Ritchie and Director of AAFTA (American Arts Film and Television Academy) Jess Orsick. Both Renee and Jess have already had successful careers in Australia and they were both hungry to take on more, challenging the boundaries, taking risks to be more and do more in their careers.

Dance International’s training program is solely directed at the pre-professional and professional dancers in Australia that may face the challenge of not being seen in their own country and who are hungry to throw themselves into the ‘big smoke’ to be challenged and pushed beyond their regular training and work in Australia. Being in the ‘big smoke’ comes with its challenges and learning the ropes of how another country operates can be hard.

Dance International bridges the gap for young talented artists to be guided and mentored in the right direction, in building their skill and careers in Dance/Choreography, and overall being an Artist with a consistent work. Statistically there are approximately 40 Full Time Dance Training Programs around Australia which annually produce 3,000+ young dancers between ages 17yrs – 30yrs that are willing and wanting to create a career in dance-the arts. Potentially 10% of these dancers will make successful Full Time careers in Australia but the truth is Australia is only one small division of how big the entertainment and arts industry really is world wide.

Dance International is built to give dancers the opportunity and confidence to dream big and know that there are more opportunities out there for artists. It’s easy to get into the mindset of thinking that to create a career in dance full time it is not possible. It ABSOLUTELY is, you may need to relocate yourself to where there is more work suited for you specifically, but it is definitely all possible.

In the Dance International course based in Los Angeles we bring in Master Teachers and Choreographers from America. Artists that have choreographed for Madonna, JLO, Justin Bieber, J Balvin, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera. Creative Directors that work on Disney Projects and LIVE tours and dancers that have danced for many of the above artists and more…. We bring in coaches that specialize in personal development and coaching. Agents such as MSA who represent choreographers like, Brian Friedman (Choreographer Britney Spears), Kevin Maher (Madonna, New Kids on the Block, JLO, Britney Spears, Justin Beiber), Cat Rendic
(Ricky Martin, Becky G) and more!

We nurture and give one-on-one sessions to personally develop an individual’s talent and abilities. Without giving it all away, we go even deeper with offering acting classes, on-camera screening, film opportunities, performance opportunities and so much more….

Our mission is to build a community where Australians can be confident in taking on an International career. It can be a long road to creating such a career and Dance International gives Pre-Professional and Professional dancers a fast track educational program to make their International dance career a reality.

Dance International – Upcoming Course Date
August 13th – October 29th 2022
Audition’s for 2022 Course – Coming Soon Early 2022


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