MIA WORKSHOP CANCELLEDThe crew from Dance Down Under have been very quiet lately and the website for the Mia Michael’s proposed website is down… We have had a few enquiries from you all about whether the workshop is still happening and if Mia is really coming to Australia. DanceLife contacted Mia’s agent in the US to confirm the appearance when this was first announced and they confirmed that an agreement had been signed and Mia would be coming to Australia. I have again contacted Mia’s agent to see if it’s still going ahead and will let you know the outcome as soon as I hear back from them.
UPDATE – This is the email I received from Mia’s Agent.
Hi Clint
The group that was bringing Mia out to Australia (dance down under) has canceled MIA’s contract/tour. At this point MIA will not be coming to Australia. MIA appreciates her fan base in Australia and is hoping to come out there another time.
Best regards,