Forge Tap Tour

The Forge Tap Workshop Tour

12 Cities in January 2020

Celebrated tap dance crew The Forge Tap Project will be touring their amazing tap team along the east coast of Australia in January 2020 with their one-of-a-kind tap workshop tour.

The Forge Tap Workshop Tour is back next summer school holidays with a nation wide tour to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Newcastle, Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Canberra, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Bathurst.

The mentors will be differ depending on the city, however Jack and Thomas Egan will be spearheading many of the regional areas.

Workshops will cater for ages 9-17 with Adult classes available after the main event. Students will be split based on level and ability not on age, and take classes with the mentors, then watch a performance from them at the end of the day.

These workshops are designed for students who have done the basics of tap and wish to progress their skills; but also caters for students that are very advanced who wish to be inspired and challenged. As always there will be an emphasis on learning from Australian leaders in the art form of tap with a focus on musicality, technique and appreciation for the greats past and present.

The Forge Tap Project is a tap dance initiative that creates projects for students. One of the projects consists of a youth ensemble of 20 dancers from Sydney and 20 from Melbourne that create shows, train and perform under the direction of Thomas J Egan and Jack Egan.

The Forge Tap Project’s goal is to educate, inspire and grow tap dance in Australia with an emphasis on tap’s history.

Mentors on this Tour will be Jack Egan, Thomas J Egan, Michealla Mead, Nathaniel Hancock, Emma Wickham and Sally Hare.




Wollongong – Sunday Jan 5
Wagga Wagga – Monday Jan 6
Canberra – Tuesday Jan 7
Port Macquarie – Thursday Jan 9
Newcastle – Friday Jan 10
Bathurst – Saturday Jan 11
Sydney – Sunday Jan 12
Hobart – Tuesday Jan 14
Adelaide – Wednesday Jan 15
Melbourne – Friday Jan 17
Brisbane – Saturday Jan 18
Coffs Harbour – Sunday Jan 19

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