Feeling Stressed?

Black Dog Institute Calling for Those Left Feeling Stressed After the Pandemic and 2020

Free COVID Counselling Trial on Offer

With many in the arts industries impacted especially hard this year, there may be many people  who are struggling due to the stress of the COVID pandemic.

Black Dog Institute is reaching out to those who have been left feeling unable to cope following the pandemic. Whether it is because you have been left in financial difficulties, are struggling to secure work or are just in shock upon reflection about what has happened this year – the medical research centre wants to help.

The medical research institute is running research on how people receive and learn strategies on how to cope with stress and mood issues through a new, FREE trial which can be delivered digitally to your own home. The centre is looking for 250 people to sign up to receive six hour-long sessions with a clinician, in small groups.

The program has been developed with assistance from the World Health Organisation and aims to help those who’ve noticed the are experiencing higher than normal stress levels or low mood.

“This year has been a big one for everyone and now that the ‘fight or flight’ part of it is over, many people are left feeling a little flat,” explains Research Fellow Richard Bryant.

“The idea is for the participants to learn processes to help them lower their stress and manage better as a result of the issues which has affected them due to COVID. Our process has already been shown to improve people’s mood and reduce stress levels.”

The sessions can be run during office hours, weekends or after office hours, depending on the participants’ needs.

In fact, Black Dog Institute will reimburse people $100 for taking the time to complete the sessions. The idea is the institute wants to equip people with the tools to be able to reduce their stress and raise their mood – and we want to collect data to show how successful we were at doing that.

To find out more and to register to participate go to www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/research-studies/positive-mood-program-for-covid-19-related-stress

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