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Dancer Wellness, created by the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science, offers guidance on the foundations, mental components, and physical aspects of dancer wellness. Learn concepts and strategies to develop as dancers and to create their own dancer wellness plan.

Dancers who want to get the most out of their experience in dance – whether in full time training, high school, a dance studio, or a dance company – can now take charge of their wellness. Dancer Wellness will help them learn and apply important wellness concepts as presented through the in-depth research conducted by the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) and their experts from around the world.

Dancer Wellness covers four primary topics:

Foundations of dancer wellness, which explores the dancer’s physical environment, the science behind training, and conditioning

Mental components of dancer wellness, which investigates the psychological aspects that influence a dancer’s training – imagery, somatic practices, and the ways that rest, fatigue, and burnout affect learning, technique, and injury risk and recovery

Physical aspects of dancer wellness, which examines dancer nutrition and wellness, including the challenges in maintaining good nutrition, addressing body composition issues, bone health, injury prevention, and first aid

Assessments for dancer wellness, which offers guidance in goal setting, screenings, assessing abilities, and designing a personal wellness plan

Each chapter offers learning objectives at the beginning and review questions at the end to help readers recall what they have learned. Sidebars within each chapter focus on self-awareness, empowerment, goal setting, and diversity in dance.

“Dancer Wellness meets the needs of dancers in any setting,” says Virginia Wilmerding, one of the book’s editors from IADMS. “Our authors are leaders in the field, and they thoroughly investigate their areas of specialisation. Through that investigation we have provided theoretical concepts and practical information and applications that dancers can use to enhance their health and wellness as part of their dance practice.”

This book offers foundational information to create a comprehensive view of dancer wellness. “Wellness defines the state of being healthy in both mind and body through conscious and intentional choices and efforts,” says coeditor Donna Krasnow. “Anyone interested in the health and wellness of dancers can benefit from this book, regardless of previous training or level of expertise. This book covers each aspect of dancer wellness, whether environmental, physical, or psychological.”

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