After months and months of hearing about the Australian Dance Festival it finally happened over the weekend at the State Sports Centre in Sydney. For DanceLife it started at 6am on Friday, why so early you asked well we had to go to the gym for our training session then back to pack the car and triple check our what to bring list. So once we packed the car we made the trip to Homebush to set up our booth. The festival had so much happening including workshops, shows and then the small expo that happened around the workshops. Once we set up our booth it was time for Clint to go and speak at the Internet Marketing Seminar. This seminar was all about giving tips on ways to effectively and affordably market your business online. If you would like more details on this please contact Clint on clint@dancelife.com.au.
Friday night we had a few people looking around at the booths and then it was time for the performance show with performances by World Tango Champions direct from Argentina, Christina Sosa & Daniel Nacucchio + Winner of Dancing with the Stars, Luda Kroiter. As you can read from the names it was a HOT show.
Saturday at 10am is when the workshops kicked off. I have to say, over the two workshops days the festival saw some of the most amazing teachers and choreographers take classes with dancers of all ages and we mean all ages. From about 8 years old to 50’s and all levels. One thing that really stood out from watching many of these workshops was that dancers were trying different genres. Latin dancers doing hip hop and contemporary and vice versa.
Teachers included Jason Winters, Paul White, Jason Coleman, Dale Pope, Marko Panzic and Nestor & Lidia to name a few.
Saturday night was an awesome show. Some dancers from SYTYCD ended the show with a hot routine choreographed mostly by BJ Rorke. Congrats to everyone who performed in the show. Truly and entertaining night.
Day 3 arrived and although many people had been at the festival for 2 days the energy and excitement was still there, thanks to a few bags of lollies and some chocolate. Another day of high level choreographers and teachers. The beautiful Sarah Boulter took an amazing contemporary class, Matt Lee taught a Jazz routine to Hush, Hush while Simon Lind from Project Moda was loving the track from the Family Guy which he taught Broadway Jazz. The smiles on everyone’s faces was infectious.
As the Sunday wound up we were all quite tired. Just watching the workshops all day made us tired, imagine how the dancers felt. Sunday night wrapped up with a world dance show. A magical ending to a very fun weekend. Well done to everyone involved in making the festival happen! Check out a clip from the show! More videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/AussieDanceFestival

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