Sydney Festival Tix for Next to Nix!

Say Goodbye to Box Office Queues

Sydney Festival’s TIX FOR NEXT TO NIX program available only with TodayTix

TodayTix, the premier digital gateway to theatre and performing arts experiences, is making Sydney Festival‘s popular TIX FOR NEXT TO NIX program easier and more accessible for all audiences powered by TodayTix mobile Rush technology.

For the very first time in the Festival’s 44 year history, 34 shows across the 2020 program of theatre, dance, cabaret, and family friendly performances will be available to purchase day-of-show in a convenient mobile first option via the TodayTix app for just $26 (+$5 booking fee).

Some of the must-see dance shows in the 2020 program include Betty Blokk-Buster Reimagined, LIFE – the show, Bran Nue Dae, Time Flies – Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Two Crews, Colossus and Fronterra.

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Audiences can download the TodayTix app in the App Store or Google Play Store and ‘Unlock’ the TIX FOR NEXT TO NIX feature by sharing on Facebook or Twitter for access to shows of interest. Once unlocked, audiences will have a chance to access tickets when they become available at 9am day-of-show in January throughout the Festival.

“Through our partnership with TodayTix we are thrilled to be able to offer audiences a fully digital booking experience for our popular TIX FOR NEXT TO NIX programme, making the Festival more accessible than ever,” said Sydney Festival Director, Wesley Enoch. “We realise that buying same-day tickets was inconvenient for many people located outside of Sydney’s centre. Now they can plan their Festival experience, avoid the queues and access discounted Festival tickets from the convenience of their mobile phone.”

“TodayTix’s mission is to make theatre more accessible in every way possible. Our mobile Rush program offers access at what many audiences find the most frustrating part of the process – buying the tickets. Bringing the TIX FOR NEXT TO NIX programme digital makes that process faster and more convenient for Sydney Festival fans, and we are honoured to be the pioneering partner in that step forward,” said TodayTix CEO and Co-Founder Brian Fenty.

How to access the Sydney Festival’s TIX FOR NEXT TO NIX programme:

  • Festival goers can purchase the $26 (+$5 booking fee) TIX FOR NEXT TO NIX tickets to 34 Sydney Festival 2020 shows on performance days from 9am until 12pm via the TodayTix app on a first-come, first-served basis
  • 2 ticket limit per person per day
  • There is a $5 booking fee per ticket at checkout, which is included in the advertised $31 price
  • There is a limited number of TIX FOR NEXT TO NIX powered by TodayTix tickets available per performance.
  • NB: At the Illusionist’s Table, Double Delicious, Salon Series, Ferrython, Six, Regurgitator’s POGOGO SHOW, The Rivoli, matinees, paid workshops and events $26 and under are not included in this offer.

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