THE UTOPIAN DREAM DANCE WORKSHOP FESTIVALThis unique event is being held in glorious holiday coast Coffs Harbour where the sun shines and the ocean glistens. Come and feel the vibe the rhythm and inspire your soul, meet friends, awaken your creative talents and sweat it out learn from some top teachers in their fields from around the world.
Utopian Dream designed and directed by Travers Ross has had a long journey but is still just a baby of a festival, this 09 reaching new horizons.
Utopian Dream is influenced by a festival that was run in Bellingen for 10 years called Stamping Ground founded by Mr Peter Stock, One of Travers Mentors, which was a festival that Travers never missed a year of either teaching or as a kid participating. It was a 16 day male dance based festival that changed and influenced many men’s careers and lives from dance.
Travers featured in the ABC Australian story based on Stamping Ground in 2002, its worth having a look.
Stamping Ground then came to a close, So Travers went forward to bring talent to the Coffs Coast for a small 7 day festival to give something for the youth to do for the school Holidays. The festival then grew to be the Intensive Festival, which then tooka jump in popularity and gave Travers more incentive to boost it into an Australia Wide event inviting Dancers and wanna be dancers from all over and over seas to come together to create sweat and be amazed in gorgeous sunny Coffs Harbour, Travers Home town, where he has so much support and respect from the locals.
Travers Now has evolved the Dance workshops and Entertainment Festival into a blues and roots festival style but for dancers with International Choreographers and performers travelling from all over the world to Coffs Harbour for a place not to be judged but encouraged. The Utopian Dream will take a big step this year with enquires coming from all over already booking the festival out looking to have 1000 artist, entertainers and dancers attending.
Definitely a rewarding event for anyone, no matter what career is.
Tickets on SALE November 1 PLUS Choreographers will be announced!