REVIEW | Elvis: A Musical Revolution

Elvis – A Musical Revolution credit Ken Leanfore

Elvis: A Musical Revolution

An Electrifying Tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Reviewed by Brendan Daynes

The King is in the building! Elvis: A Musical Revolution takes us on a captivating journey through the life and music of the legendary Elvis Presley. From the dusty roads of Tupelo, Mississippi, to the glitzy heights of his ’68 Comeback Special, this production is a fitting tribute to the cultural icon whose influence continues to resonate through the ages.

Elvis – A Musical Revolution credit Ken Leanfore

Staging a musical about a global icon like Elvis is no small task, but from the instant the performance begins, you can sense the dedication, passion, and sheer talent that has gone into bringing his story to life. With over one billion records sold worldwide, Elvis remains unrivalled in the music industry. His life story is etched into the pages of history and this exceptional new production by David Venn Enterprises honours this remarkable journey. It diligently upholds the legacy of Elvis, treating it with the utmost respect and artistic finesse.

The production captivates and charms by abandoning a linear narrative, instead choosing to leap between pivotal moments in Elvis’s life. This unconventional approach not only maintains audience engagement but also offers novel perspectives on the legend’s life. The transitions are seamless, ensuring that we never lose our place in this musical journey through time.

The cast excels in breathing life into the characters and rendering them relatable. Rob Mallett’s portrayal of the King himself is a masterpiece, capturing the very essence of Elvis’ charisma, vocal prowess, and stage presence. His performance is so compelling that it almost convinces you that you’re watching the real Elvis.

The narrative is deeply resonant and relatable, delving into the intricacies of familial bonds, particularly with his mother, portrayed with heartfelt and poignant authenticity by Noni McCallum. These depictions gently pull at the heartstrings, emphasising the central significance of Elvis’s relationship with his mother in the story. Matt Heyward’s rendition of Elvis’s father, Vernon, adds another layer of complexity to the narrative. Moreover, the clever inclusion of a young Elvis in the background during pivotal moments enriches the narrative’s depth and symbolism.

The supporting cast also deserves commendation for their exceptional performances. Annie Chiswell shines brilliantly as Priscilla, infusing her character with innocence and authenticity. Kirby Burgess, portraying Ann-Margret, captivates the audience with her magnetic presence and vivacity. Sienna Embrey’s portrayal of Dixie adds a delightful sense of charm to the story. The entire ensemble, through their resonant and compelling performances, significantly enriches the narrative.

Michael Ralph’s choreography is a true highlight of the show, brilliantly capturing the essence of the era. He has created choreography with the same energy and vivacity that defined Elvis’s own performances. The contrast in levels, the fluidity of the movements, and the exuberance displayed by the entire cast transform the choreography into more than just dance; it becomes an integral part of storytelling. The infectious energy radiating from these dance sequences is an absolute delight to witness.

Elvis – A Musical Revolution credit Daniel Boud

Declan O’Neill’s lighting design transcends mere illumination to craft a visual experience that evokes the ambiance of a classic bandstand or a bygone TV show from the era. This meticulous attention to detail serves to heighten the authenticity and transport the audience to a time when Elvis reigned supreme, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey through his life.

Dan Potra’s set design deserves commendation for its exceptional versatility and efficiency. It functions as a dynamic backdrop, seamlessly guiding the narrative through the significant moments in Elvis’s life. The remarkable finesse with which these transitions are executed captivates the audience and guarantees a narrative experience that is not only seamless but also entirely immersive.

This production, which is a rare gem originating on Australian soil, is a testament to the wealth of talent in the local theatre scene. The collaboration of the cast and the entire creative team is evident in the polished and captivating performance they deliver. The heart and soul they’ve poured into this production shine brightly on the stage.

Elvis: A Musical Revolution is not just a show for Elvis enthusiasts. This captivating experience cleverly navigates through the pivotal moments in Elvis’s life, showcasing exceptional choreography, powerful performances, and an emotional depth that is sure to strike a chord with audiences of all ages. It explores the deep and meaningful relationships, the turmoil of fame, and the internal struggle for creative reinvention. This is more than a tribute; it’s a celebration of a life that left an indelible mark on the world. The King’s spirit lives on in this electrifying musical journey.

Elvis: A Musical Revolution is currently playing at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne for a limited season before returning to Sydney in February 2024, then moving to Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast throughout 2024. For more information on the production or to purchase tickets visit

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