REVIEW | A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Continuing the Tradition: A Christmas Carol Fills Melbourne with Heartwarming Festive Joy! Reviewed by Brendan Daynes The enchanting echoes of Christmas past reverberate with a revitalised spirit as Melbourne warmly embraces the return of the timeless tradition… Read Article

REVIEW | Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon A Heartbreaking Tale of Love and Tragedy Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Within the world of musical theatre, very few productions possess the ability to evoke emotions as deep and poignant as Miss Saigon. Opera Australia’s accomplished team has skilfully directed and g… Read Article

REVIEW | Manifesto by Stephanie Lake Company

Manifesto Triumphant Encore: A Remarkable Fusion of Movement and Percussion Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Amidst the diverse landscape of contemporary dance, a realm where boundless creativity finds its canvas, Manifesto by Stephanie Lake Company stands out as an exemplary embodime… Read Article

REVIEW | Melbourne Fringe

Melbourne Fringe Festival A Kaleidoscope of Talent and Diversity Reviewed by Brendan Daynes The Melbourne Fringe Festival is a whirlwind of artistic brilliance, showcasing a kaleidoscope of talent and an array of diverse performances. The city’s vibrant arts scene comes to l… Read Article

REVIEW | Elvis: A Musical Revolution

Elvis: A Musical Revolution An Electrifying Tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Reviewed by Brendan Daynes The King is in the building! Elvis: A Musical Revolution takes us on a captivating journey through the life and music of the legendary Elvis Presley. From the dusty ro… Read Article

REVIEW | Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! Dancing Queens and Super Troupers Unite in a Theatrical Triumph! Reviewed by Brendan Daynes In the heart of the bustling theatre district of Melbourne, a shimmering spectacle has taken centre stage, capturing the hearts of audiences with an infectious blend of nostalgia, r… Read Article

REVIEW | EXHUMED: The ‘Best’ of Bradley Storer

EXHUMED: The ‘Best’ of Bradley Storer Bradley Storer’s Dark Elegance Shines in a Mesmerising Showcase Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Entering the basement of The Butterfly Club and stepping into Bradley Storer’s world is akin to stepping into a surreal, ethereal dreamscape. Righ… Read Article

REVIEW | Yuldea

Yuldea A Cultural Epic of Resilience and Remembrance Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Within the realm of dance, there are moments when a performance transcends the stage’s boundaries, skilfully weaving together history, heritage, and humanity. Yuldea presented by Bangarra Danc… Read Article

REVIEW | The Australian Ballet Swan Lake

Swan Lake A Timeless Masterpiece Resurrected Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Swan Lake is the very essence of ballet, an image so firmly etched in our minds that it transcends the art form itself. Its enduring allure, marked by a haunting score, has continued to captivate audiences for well o… Read Article

REVIEW | Love, Lust, Lost

Love, Lust, Lost A Theatrical Odyssey of Epic Proportions Reviewed by Brendan Daynes In the vast landscape of contemporary theatre, where innovation often takes centre stage, Love Lust Lost by Broad Encounters emerges as a radiant supernova of creativity, storytelling prowess, and… Read Article

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