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Publisher Human Kinetics has a special offer of 20 per cent discount on these new dance-related text books. To claim the discount on any of these books head to the Footprint Books website and use the code HK20 at the shopping cart.


Dance Composition Basics *NEW*
Author: Pamela Anderson Sofras, 176pp, RRP $123.00

Written for new choreographers, from ballet to modern jazz, this series of problem-solving activities is accompanied by 27 lesson plans and 33 assessment and self-evaluation forms. Included are videos of choreographic legends Alonzo King and Dwight Rhodene working with dancers to inspire learning. Author Pamela Anderson Sofras has 34 years of experience teaching dance at the university level and has taught and developed courses in modern dance technique, composition, and dance education methods. She regularly presents professional development workshops in dance pedagogy for teaching artists and teachers working in public and private schools.


Choreography: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation
Author: Sandra Cerny Minton, 200pp, RRP $83.00

Choreography: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation has long been a recognised standard in the field of dance education, and its fourth edition is replete with new and updated material and tools that will help students develop their skills in each step of the choreographic experience, from finding an idea to staging the performance. Choreography is equally suited for use in high school and university classes. You can use it to guide your students through the creative and choreographic processes, applying instructional strategies such as problem solving, updated technology integration, and connections to dance education standards.


Choreographing From Within
Author: Diana Green, 320pp, RRP $85.00

One school of thought regarding choreography says to teach only the rules of fundamental design and form and have students create from formulas. Another school of thought eschews the fundamentals and focuses on creativity. Author Diana Green espouses both theories and blends them beautifully in Choreographing From Within: Developing a Habit of Inquiry as an Artist. Her approach to integrating the art and craft of choreography grounds students in the fundamentals and takes the fear out of creativity. Green uses an inquiry-based approach to engage students, placing them at the center of the learning and allowing for multiple pathways of learning. Rather than present a cookbook approach with recipes to follow, Green offers a thorough understanding of the medium, provides examples, and allows students to learn, explore, and create based on their own unique styles.

Dance Improvisations: Warm-Ups, Games and Choreographic Tasks
Author: Justine Reeve, 184pp, RRP $59.00

Dance Improvisations provides assistance with any doubts that dancers and teachers might have with improvisation. This practical book promotes creativity that can lead to innovative breakthroughs among students from middle school age through college. The activities support all portions of your class—including improvisation lessons that you can use as warm-ups, games that stimulate creativity, and choreographic tasks for creating movement material. Each activity has been tested and refined by the author, a veteran dance instructor and choreographer. You can use the improvs individually in a lesson or use them in developing entire lesson plans. The step-by-step instruction and teaching tips that you receive save you valuable preparation time—and the instructions are clear enough that more experienced students can use the book to practice on their own.