KIDSXPRESS RECAPThe KidsXpress Dance Challenge was held over the weekend at the State Sports Centre and boy was it successful and extremely enjoyable! The challenge was organised by three Sydney dance studio owners including Jade Barnes, Glenda Yee and Chris Wood with the aim to raise much needed funds for the KidsXpress.
The charity places disadvantaged children through creative and art based rehabilitation programs. During the challenge we were lucky enough to have special quest judges who donated their time including Kelley Abbey, Matt Lee, Antony and Ashley from The Squared Division, BJ Rorke, Rebecca Tapia and Christine Denny from Tapatakoz. With nearly 2000 competitors there during the weekend the dancing never stopped over Saturday and Sunday. A huge congratulations to all the studios and dancers who participated in the event and a big thank you to everyone who came to support KidsXpress.
The event raised over $25,000 with more still coming in! Go to for more information about the charity.