Vote for Your Favourite IODC Finalists

Gallery of Finalists Published for the International Online Dance Competition 2021 Edition

Public Voting Closes July 7

The First Judging Round of the International Online Dance Competition 2021 is completed.

Entries closed in early June with submissions available for dancers and choreographers across the genres of Ballet, Contemporary & Jazz, Hip-Hop/Urban (Street Culture), Tap, Bollywood, Folk/Traditional Dances, Confined Spaces, Urban Spaces and Acrobatic Dance.

The finalists in the Gallery represent dancer artists from all over the world – including Australia!

For those who entered the competition, that means one of two things: either your entry or entries are published in the Gallery for all to see and you pass to the Final Round, or you did not pass the First Round of Judging.

But regardless of whether or not you are a Finalist, a non-Finalist participant, a family member or friend of a participant, an observing dance professional, or simply an observing dance lover— your journey with IODC does not have to end.

The Gallery of Finalists is Open to Public Voting Until July 7

You and your network can freely vote for the entries they love the most. And although the judges have the final say on all winner decisions, each vote does add a point to the participant’s total score!

  • So visit the competition site:
  • Click on the Gallery menu choice.
  • Watch Finalist videos in the various categories and give the ones you like a vote of support.
  • Then share your favourite Finalist Entries on social media.

Note that there is the option to pay to vote if you wish.  This paid option is there to both help pay for the expenses of running the competition and to contribute to Artists Relief, an organisation that distributes grants to artists facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19. 10% of all voting fees will go to Artists Relief.

If you wish to vote for free, simply click the “I understand” check box on the voting pop-up window, and leave all of the other fields blank.

Learn more about the IODC prizes and judges here.

So, head to the Gallery of Finalists now and vote for your favourite dancers! 

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