Time is Running Out: Diploma in Choreography Program

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“Our mission is to empower dance artists, and this program enables them to not only improve their choreographic skills but also gain a recognized qualification that will propel their careers to new heights.

By combining the accessibility of online learning with the rigour of a government-regulated program, we are transforming the way dance education is delivered.”
David Stinton FRSA, CEO & Founder at I-PATH

Course Content

Unit 1

  1. Introduction to Choreography
  2. Abstraction and Purpose
  3. Creative Process & Method

Unit 2

  1. Choreographic Ideas
  2. Structure & Timeline
  3. Free Exploration

Unit 3

  1. Choreographic Tools
  2. Music Analysis
  3. Team Management
  4. Career Management

Two important cohorts set to begin soon:
Pre-University Cohort with Danny Davalos

Start: September 4, 2023

Caters to dance artists aged 15 to 18. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit i-path.org/diploma-in-choreography to learn more about the program and secure their place.

Short Interview with Danny Davalos, Choreographer.

Pre-Professional and Professional Cohort with Rick Tjia

Start: September 11, 2023

Caters to dance artists 18 and older. This is a more in-depth version of the Diploma in Choreography Program, and includes some more complex concepts.

Visit i-path.org/diploma-in-choreography for more information.


Rick Tjia – www.ricktjia.com

Accessible worldwide through online learning, this Level 4 Ofqual regulated qualification course is nothing less than revolutionary for professional and aspiring choreographers.

It provides them with the flexibility to study from anywhere while gaining a recognized and esteemed certification.

Payment Plans in instalments are also available.

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