Time is Running Out: Diploma in Choreography Program

Choreography Online International Performing Arts & Theatre “Our mission is to empower dance artists, and this program enables them to not only improve their choreographic skills but also gain a recognized qualification that will propel their careers to new heights. By c… Read Article

IODC 2023 Only One Week Left

International Online Dance Competition Choreography Online You need a dance job.  Or perhaps you wish you could choreograph for a large-scale project. You may need to travel to many auditions or meet & greet opportunities to be closer to your dreams, but traveling is expensive, wi… Read Article

IODC 2023 Opens Today! New Dance Job Opportunities Open

Latest News
IODC 2023 By Choreography Online A chance for your work to be seen by thousands,get hired by a company, or win up to $2000 USD to help fund your dance projects Today May 10, 2023, IODC 2023 opens, an opportunity that only comes once a year.  Since its premier in 2020, IODC has seen an estimated… Read Article

Hayley-Jean Doyle, Scotland: A Story Worth Telling

Dancer Stories Hayley-Jean Doyle, Scotland We’d like to start this holiday season by introducing you to Hayley-Jean Doyle, a dancer with autism who entered IODC 2022 and won both a scholarship to the Cooking Dance festival in Castelldefels, Spain and a T-shirt prize from TIRED Movemen… Read Article

Part 2: Where Are All the Creative People?

  Rick Tjia Ponders Creativity, Innovation & Ideas Part 2 of 2 Article by Rick Tjia “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.” And therein lies the problem. It is ironic that compani… Read Article
Where are all the creatives?

Where Are All the Creative People?

  Rick Tjia Ponders Creativity, Innovation & Ideas Part 1 of 2 Article by Rick Tjia I will be honest; I hate articles about creativity and innovation. I don’t like hearing people talk about it; I don’t like reading about what one needs to change in their lives to become a creative e… Read Article

Get a Diploma in Choreography Online

Renowned International Companies Join Forces to Deliver Online Qualifications in Australia & NZ Begins 16 January 2022 Canada’s Choreography Online, in collaboration with the United Kingdom’s International Performing Arts and Theatre (I-PATH), has developed and launched a… Read Article

IODC Now Open

International Online Dance Competition For Dancers & Choreographers May 6 – June 6   Choreography Online proudly presents the International Online Dance Competition iodc.online ENTER THE COMPETITION WITH VIDEO YOU ALREADY HAVE! You’ve prepared tirelessl… Read Article

Choreography Online

IT’S COMING! … THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF CHOREOGRAPHY ONLINE The World’s First Online Choreography Marketplace!   Former dancer and sought-after choreographer, RICK TJIA has teamed up with Rome Saladino and André Faleiros to create Choreography Online. The first of its ki… Read Article

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