THE POWER OF PATIENCEIf a flower could grow from seed to full form overnight what would be the point of growth? If all your dreams came true in a day what would be the point to life?
Cultivating talent and an outcome takes time and patience and don’t we know it in the dance industry! Our industry is like no other. The years of practice that it takes to transform the image in our head of what we want to look like as dancers, to that which we finally achieve does not happen overnight! It takes time!
Time and patience is not an enemy, rather a dancer’s best friend. As dancers we need the paradox of effort and relaxation, determination and patience, action and non action to balance and stay central from burnout and boredom. The paradox is what enables us to grow. The extreme one sided elements such as all work and no play is what will drive us to stagnate!
The Key = Balance
While taking appropriate action steps toward your goals remember to breath, rest and have fun! Life is too short to wish your life away for the hope of your goals being achieved here and now. Once you have achieved a goal there will be a new one waiting for you around the corner. So remember to take time out for you and enjoy life, time and patience!
Yours in Dance and Life
Kate x
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©Kate Histon 2009

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