2024 Tour announced for High-flying Australian Show ‘Le Aerial’

Le Aerial

Spellbinding, Breathtaking, Glorious

Australia’s world famous ‘Le Aerial’ is returning to the Sydney Opera House and premieres in Port Douglas after its 2023 sell out Sydney season. With its aerial artistry, playing to full capacity crowds and enjoying five-star reviews.

High flying, high energy performers will treat audiences to breathtaking aerial manoeuvres and sensational ‘Cirque’ skills that have left international crowds gasping in awe.

The cast includes international gymnastics sensation’s Arnaud Caziergues and Alex Caulfield, fresh from their latest Cirque Du Soleil productions, Dancing with the stars Craig and Sriani, opera maestro Mark Oates, musical theatre superstar Mike Snell and a line-up of exceptional gymnasts and dancers.

Craig Hryhorec, Director of ‘Le Aerial’ said the performers and crew had put so much work into the production over the past nine years and were highly energised for the first leg of the 2024 tour.

Le Aerial’ is set to deliver a sensational season of aerial expertise, curiosity, and excitement including special matinee performances in all locations.

Bookings: https://www.leaerial.com/

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