Arts Wellbeing Collective Launches New Career Guide for Performing Arts Workers

Navigate Well

Arts Wellbeing Collective

Arts Centre Melbourne’s Arts Wellbeing Collective announce the launch of Navigate Well – a groundbreaking free guide specifically designed for arts industry workers in the gig economy and freelancers.

Acknowledging that working within in the arts is exciting, rewarding and challenging; the industry is also uncertain, unpredictable and changeable. Navigate Well recognises that everyone’s journey and aspirations are different. The guide helps individuals to figure out what truly matters to them, enabling them to craft a career that aligns with their values and aspirations.

“There’s a real lack of career planning resources available for performing arts workers. In the absence of advice, we tend to judge our success against our peers, a method that’s fraught with problems. 

Navigate Well is like a reset button for anyone feeling helpless or stuck – especially now with a cost-of-living crisis and a review from the Fair Work Commission finding gaps in creatives’ award coverage. It’s a timely reminder to stop and prioritise what you want from the performing arts – rather than what the performing arts wants from you,” said Jim Rimmer, Head of Program, Arts Wellbeing Collective.

Navigate Well provides a high-level introduction to the challenges and opportunities faced by all sector workers, explores the concept of interconnected portfolio careers, and examines assumptions about success in the performing arts industry. Additionally, it offers an overview of the initiatives being undertaken by the government to improve working conditions in the performing arts industry and provides considerations for embracing the gig economy rather than working against it.

The guide is divided into two sections. “This Is How We Work”, providing contextual information about the performing arts industry and “This Is How I Want To Work”, assisting individuals design a career model that supports their positive mental health and wellbeing. 

Individuals are asked to identify their professional boundaries, mindset and behaviours towards money and time, and the traits of colleagues who support their personal growth. Putting them in a place to create a personalised action plan to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Susan Eldridge
, founder of Notable Values, created Navigate Well with input from performing arts workers from various roles, companies and backgrounds. 

The guide does not provide prescriptive advice, as each person’s journey and aspirations are unique. Instead, it helps individuals figure out what truly matters to them, enabling them to shape their careers accordingly,” she said.

About Arts Centre Melbourne’s Arts Wellbeing Collective:

Arts Centre Melbourne’s Arts Wellbeing Collective is an initiative that aims to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the performing arts industry. Through various programs and resources, the collective supports individuals and organisations in creating mentally healthy workplaces and fostering a culture of wellbeing. 

Navigate Well, along with other resources and further information about the Arts Wellbeing Collective, can be found here

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