The Addams Family: Review

Preview performances of Broadway’s smash hit musical comedy The Addams Family have come to spooky and spectacular life at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre prior to the Australian premiere on Saturday 23 March 2013.

Playing all your favourite, lovable and bizarre characters are –

John Waters              Gomez Addams

Chloe Dallimore              Morticia Addams

Russell Dykstra              Fester Addams

Teagan Wouters              Wednesday Addams

Ben Hudson              Lurch

Meredith O’Reilly              Grandma Addams

Liam Faulkner-Dimond, Anthony Garcia, Jaxon Graham-Wilson,

Blake Hurford and Daniel Simpson will share the role of Pugsley Addams.

Tony Harvey Mal Beineke

Katrina Retallick Alice Beineke

Tim Maddren Luke Beineke

Completing the cast is a huge talent of Australian performers who make up the Ensemble and include Jakob Ambrose, Andrew Broadbent, Emma Clark, Cristina D’Agostino, Matt Heyward, Kelly Hoskin, Zoë Komazec, Peter Lowrey, Jordan Pollard, Justine Puy, Warwick Reid, Samantha Riley, Lisa Sontag, Shane Stepien and Robert Tripolino.

The Addams Family: Review (from Preview Performance)

By Alexandra Chambers

The Addams Family delivers everything you hope for when you walk into a theatre to see a musical. From the story to the sets and the quality of the performance, this show really hits the mark.  The overture begins with that theme song we all know and love, many audience members clicking along right away.  The extravagant red curtain is then pulled open by Thing and we are plunged into the world of the Addams Family.
The Addams Family musical takes the characters that we know and gives us a completely new story:  Wednesday is all grown up and has fallen in love with a boy, a nice, normal boy, to the utter disappointment of her parents. The show is a hilarious romp through the perils of meeting the parents and even though they are the Addams’ some of the family values and traditions were heart warming, especially Gomez and how he relates to his wife and daughter. We are led through the show by Uncle Fester who emphatically believes in giving love a chance and see people from two different worlds collide to our amusement and occasional discomfort, but what would the Addams Family be if it wasn’t just a little bit wrong.
As for the technical side of the show, there was more than one moment that had the audience commenting in awe of the effects in front of them.  Some notable mentions include one of the tassels from the curtain, The monster under the bed and Uncle Fester with the Moon. Each of these aspects excite the imagination and make you feel like a kid again watching this kooky family and the world they live in.
The quality of performance in this show really proves that Australia really can put on a show of world class standards. From the moment they appear on the stage you notice how detailed each of the characters are.  Across the board you can see the work each of the actors had put into creating their character, from the ensemble members who don’t have much more than an era to work with and all of the principals who completely embody each of the characters from the comic right down to the way they stand. The movement sequences are sharp, precise and well rehearsed, in the opening number some of the movements are minimalist but are executed by the cast perfectly as they set the scene for us.
Leading the cast is the exquisite Chloë Dallimore, everything from her demeanor to the way she moves epitomizes Morticia Addams.  If anyone was in doubt, this role proves that she is a true triple threat, not only is her characterization spot on but her singing is flawless and her dancing was perfect, during the tango you could not take your eyes off her because of the skill and ease with which she danced is completely captivating. Russell Dykstra plays Uncle Fester and to say he is hilarious is an understatement.  Uncle Fester plays guide to the audience who develop a soft spot for him as he professes his love for the moon and blackmails the ancestors to help him. John Waters is not the Gomez that you would expect but he brings an air of class to the character that is surprising and effective, getting the audience on side right away, you would almost want him to be your father. Tegan Wouters is not to be messed with as Wednesday with an impressive voice and a feisty character that we are told is just like her mother.
Each of the performers in this cast deserves a paragraph or two on their talent but it needs to be seen to be believed and  I urge you to go and see for yourself.  If there is one musical that you see this year, my first piece of advice would be don’t just see one and my next would be don’t miss out on The Addams Family!!

So come and meet the family. We’ll leave the lights off for you.

Preview Performance Times:

Tuesday 7pm – Wednesday to Saturday 8pm – Sunday 6pm

Post Opening Performance Times: (from 23 March)

Wednesday 1pm & 7pm; Thursday & Friday 8pm;

Saturday 2pm & 8pm; Sunday 1pm & 6pm

Special performance times during Easter & School Holidays

Bookings: or 1300 723 038

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