SYTYCD Eliminated Ballroom Duo Talk!

Kathaleen & Thabang

Last night’s So You Think You Can Dance saw the first elimination of ballroom duo and former couple Kathaleen & Thabang!

Kathaleen - Dance for your Life

Here they tell us just what their experience on the Network TEN show has left them with!

How was your experience on SYTYCD?

Kathaleen: “It was crazy but amazing. Everybody worked so hard throughout the show and the end result, the TV show, was so much fun yet so emotional at the same time. All that week’s worth of work – it’s just crazy what we do to produce that one TV show!  If you include all the hair and makeup and stage time, the taping actually takes roughly six hours, so there’s a lot that goes into it!”
Thabang: “My experience has been amazing and an eye-opener for me! I learnt a lot about different styles, a lot about myself as a dancer and how I can handle myself under pressure so it’s been really good!”

What was your favourite part of the competition?

Thabang: “I think the group choreography was my favourite part of the choreography. Getting all together for the Top 20 and learning the same thing and when you’re with a team of people, it’s one of the best parts.”
Kathaleen: “Definitely the Top 20 – all the people involved – the dancers! We just became so close very quickly which was crazy, but I think we all just really love dance and that just really made us close.”

Which choreographers did you enjoy working with the most?

Kathaleen: “I loved everybody I worked with but it was really cool to work with Christopher Scott just because he’s so recognisable. What he does is so creative and he’s worked on all the seasons in America, he’s worked on Step Up and to have him come and work with us was just awesome!”
Thabang: “Personally, I enjoyed most working with Craig and Sriani – they were my favourite from the show – they just wanted it hot!

What is your ultimate goal now after experiencing SYTYCD?

Kathaleen: “I feel like since I got to experience SYTYCD I can accomplish anything because it was a really tough experience and I think I handled it personally quite well. I’m excited to see what doors open for me and what’s next. Hopefully something will happen for me overseas – that’s what I’m really hoping for!”
Thabang: “My ultimate goal really is to make dancing more recognised in Australia and also to get more people to audition for SYTYCD. Dance is BACK in Australia so it would be great to get more people behind it and support it more.”

There was a lot of talk about your previous relationship, did any sparks reignite?

Thabang: “No! No sparks at all actually! Me and Kathaleen, after our relationship, we learned to become friends and just professionals.”

Thabang Dance For Your Life

What advice do you have for dancers wanting to audition for SYTYCD next season?

Thabang: “Just don’t let anything get to you – especially things that might happen on the show. A lot of people are scared to audition but my advice is to not let that get into your head. Just think about your own dancing and just think you’re going to make it anyway.”
Kathaleen: “Just really believe in yourself! I went into the audition really just for the experience. I didn’t go in with a goal for Top 20 so I feel like believing in yourself and having that self-motivation will really help you through the whole audition process. Be yourself and have a unique personality!”

Who do you think will make it to the Top 4?

Thabang: “I’d definitely say Zoey! I think she’s an amazing dancer and she’s very dynamic and very humble as a person as well.”
Kathaleen: “I definitely think Michael is so amazing! He’s got so much talent for such a young kid. When I watch him dance, I just think his technique is out of this world! He’s such a beautiful person as well!”

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airs on Network 10 on Sunday nights at 7.30pm!