Queensland Ballet’s Cinderella to Enchant Audiences of All Ages


Queensland Ballet

Get ready to be swept away on a magical journey as Queensland Ballet presents Cinderella for their upcoming My First Ballet Series.

This enchanting and family-friendly fairytale promises to be the perfect fit for audiences of all ages, offering a delightful blend of love, magic, and breathtaking choreography.

In this reimagined tale, love triumphs with a sprinkling of fairy magic as Cinderella’s life of hardship is magically transformed by her Fairy Godmother. Dancing with a dashing Prince in a candlelit ballroom and adorned in a glittering gown, Cinderella’s fanciful dreams become a breathtaking reality. However, as midnight approaches, her beautiful dream must end, leaving behind only a jewelled slipper.

The shortened version has been adapted by choreographer Matthew Lawrence, with permission from Ben Stevenson OBE. This production captures the essence of the full-length version first performed by Queensland Ballet in 2013.

Mr. Lawrence said it’s been a pleasure working on the production.

“Bringing Cinderella to life in a condensed and family-friendly format has been a joy. I’ve focused on our everyday experiences of sadness, bullying, love and strength in hard times to bring this fairytale to the stage.

“In this shortened account of Cinderella, I have our youngest audience members in mind and the Fairy Godmother will be there to act as their narrator. And as a parent, I have not forgotten the adults, so I’ve made sure there are moments for them too.

“It’s a charming, humorous, and blissfully romantic rendition that will leave a lasting impression on both young and seasoned theatregoers,” he concluded.

Adding to the enchantment, children have the unique opportunity to participate in a pre-performance workshop. Here, they will delve into the world of Cinderella, exploring the characters, unravelling the art of storytelling, and learning ballet moves that bring the fairytale to life.

Mr. Lawrence emphasised the value of these workshops, stating, “These sessions are the perfect complement to your Cinderella experience, offering a deeper connection to the magic of ballet and storytelling.”

Don’t miss Cinderella at the Talbot Theatre, Thomas Dixon Centre, from 20 – 29 June 2024. For more information and to secure your tickets to this enchanting family ballet, click here. For the pre-performance workshop, click here.

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