REVIEW | The Little Prince


A Visual Feast of Magic and Movement!

Sydney Coliseum West HQ

Reviewed by Yvette Guldur

Wow what an incredible production! The opening night at Sydney Coliseum was one to remember for sure!

Generations around the world love The Little Prince. The international book phenomenon has sold 200 million copies, making it the second most translated book in modern history.

The much loved story has come to life in a magical first-class theatre spectacular LIVE ON STAGE at Sydney’s Coliseum Theatre. A children’s book that has been turned into an extraordinary adventure for all ages, this production is absolutely magical in every way.

The acrobatics, aerial and choreography was beyond phenomenal and the dancers were simply amazing!

It is an immersive experience that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end! A unique international production which presents a captivating story about two friends who are trying to find their way home.

A vast array of musical performers including dancers, musicians and projections make this show not only engaging but also visually stunning with its innovative staging techniques as well exciting live interactions between character onstage elements such acrobatics or special effects pyrotechnics during certain scenes which give audiences more reason than ever to get to the theatre!

Chris Mouron (The Narrator) gave an outstanding performance throughout the entire show with her massive load of dialogue. Her voice is amazing too! However, I feel the true meaning of the story was lost a little through translation and  the narrator’s accent was a little hard to understand at times which resulted in some of the magic being lost momentarily.

Every single cast member was perfectly chosen and mesmerising to watch how effortlessly they executed every movement and brought each character to life thoroughly,

The cast of this production is a study in perfect casting. From their every move to how effortlessly they execute each movement, these professionals thoroughly brought the characters to life and delivered a mesmerising performance.

Standout performances for me came from Laurisse Sulty (The Rose) who was just divine, and breathtaking to watch perform. The fluidity in her body made you feel every movement – like a masterpiece – and she exuded an instant connection with the audience giving off such powerful yet elegant expressions on each face that looked up towards hers.

Lionel Zalachas’ performance as The Little Prince was nothing short of flawless. His movements, skill and strength were all on display throughout his entire act!

Zalachas’ stage presence truly made this show something special and his story-telling ability was magnificent.

Antony Cesar as The Vain Man delivered a performance which was nothing short of flawless. His technique and control were so fluid, yet he had such presence to the audience throughout the entire production that it felt like you’re in his world where every move is perfectly planned out for maximum entertainment value!

The Fox was played by Dylan Barone who captured the true essence of his character to the core and told the story with so much passion, love and energy.

This production really brought the purity of childhood magic alive. It definitely opens up your mind to what a real and deeper connection means through the heart, through friendship and through love.

The production boasts a ‘constellation of compelling characters and colourful costumes’. The Little Prince truly is a masterpiece and ‘must-see’ before this production leaves for Broadway.











Buy tickets here: The Little Prince

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