REVIEW | One Light


A Powerful Choreographic Journey

Gasworks Arts Park

Reviewed by Brendan Daynes

One Light – a powerful choreographic journey that creates awareness, direction and celebrates the fact that we are all ONE! 

One Light, a new full length independent dance show opened at Gasworks Arts Park on Monday 29th August to an eager and passionate audience. From the moment the first dancer walked onto the stage it was clear that the audience was in for a treat.

Choreographer and directer, Loredo Malcolm has had an illustrious career as a dancer for well over 10 years. He is the director of Locredo Dance Company, a Sydney based professional program that have been creating and performing works all over Australasia since 2006. Loredo’s newest venture, a new company One Light, which is also the title of the premiere show, brings together a group of diverse and talented dancers including Jess Roberts (Dance Captain), Connor Micallef, Elvic Phanyathong, Holly Allgood, Chloe Stockade, Kim Choi, Maddy Dobson, Nina Doll, Nina Poletti, Savannah Pillay, Vi Lam, Zoe Wainwright, Hayley Garth, Lili Taivai and Ryanna Skye Lawson as well as guest performers from TDC The Dance Company.

Exploring the winding, different passage that dancers take in the industry, One Light, is separated into three parts. Part I: The Problem explores the idea that for the many who are considered to be ‘living the dream’, are in fact, living a nightmare. The choreography is expressive and the intricate rhythmical relationship of the music and the movement dynamics depict a dancers need for validation and immediate gratification as opposed to using it as a form of self expression. It is this need that results in so many dancers feeling as though they are all alone, although being constantly surrounded by people. In Part II: The Practice, the dancers begin to realise that art, in any form, encourages inclusivity, diversity and representation. The performers begin to realise that individual creativity is something that should be celebrated. It is in this part that the individual dancers really being to shine and become artist who explore various shapes and qualities to their movement. In the final part, Part III: The Possibility, an alternative ending is offered where artists are encouraged to express themselves freely, support and accept one another and create a beautiful community that is capable of anything. The choreography in this final part is joyous, full of heart and soul and simply inspiring.

Through powerful choreography and thoughtful performance One Light embraces individuality and has a point of view that inspires everyone it touches. The depth, variety and range of movements explored shows a level of creativity and imagination that should be celebrated. One Light accentuates the influence dance has an expressive form of communication to create powerful and positive change.

One Light is playing a final show at Gasworks Arts Park in South Melbourne, Victoria on 5th September 2022. For tickets more information please click through to ONE LIGHT.

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