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As we work towards a thriving entertainment industry once more, there is much work to to do in building resilience for our artists and those important support workers behind the scenes.

The continuing disruption of Covid-19 is taking its toll and impacting the mental health of Australian entertainment industry workers.

With your help, Entertainment Assist is providing the much needed support through tailored mental health and wellbeing programs to assist individuals’ wellness and wellbeing.

We work with industry groups to help support our people who are having a tough time with mental health challenges through the INTERMISSION program.

INTERMISSION is the only program that is individually tailored to each group; actor, dancer, musician, technician, crew, performer, promoter, producer, company, sole trader, venue manager, support worker, to understand their challenges in our entertainment industry where:

Suicide is double that of the general population

  • Moderate to severe anxiety is 10 times higher
  • Depression is five times higher, and
  • Sadly 5 people each week try and take their own life.

Hear what other people say about INTERMISSION:

Above: from left to right, Entertainment Assist’s Julia Edwards, Cornelia Szeszeran and Will Centurion deliver INTERMISSION to students at the National Institute of Circus Arts.

Entertainment Assist is working hard behind the scenes to help many entertainment industry workers and needs your help to reach many more people through the INTERMISSION program.

Help us work towards a thriving entertainment sector and support our work where people can better manage their mental health and wellbeing. Donate today.



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