Music Video Features Ballet Dancers

Photographer Niv Novak Collaborates on Video Single for Indi-Rock Group

‘You Will Be Queen’ features Australian ballet dancers

Celebrated Australian photographer Niv Novak has partnered with Portuguese group The Gift in producing the video for their new single You Will Be Queen.
You Will Be Queen is The Gift’s fourth video single from the critically acclaimed new album, ALTAR, produced by Brian Eno and mixed by Flood. 
In this stunning fourth video single, You Will Be Queen, “partnership” delves deeper as the video was built entirely in a dialogue between The Gift and renowned photographer, Niv Novak, who explores the intersection of dance and light.
The video builds on Novak’s project – ‘Extension’ – from earlier this year that uses ultra-slow motion photography to show the intricacies of movement and the decisive moment of a dance extension like never before – as an elongated instant in time. The result is a prolonged and glorious visual feast of movement and light; ultra-slow motion dance movement in high-definition imagery. Read about Novak’s Extension project here.
The single, You Will Be Queen, describes the interaction between a couple who hear the same song at the same time but who are physically really far apart. Just like a dance … a mesmerising dance beautifully portrayed by Niv Novak in his imagery of Chengwu Guo and Ako Kondo, Principal Artists of The Australian Ballet.
I’m very excited about this collaboration with The Gift. The soft voices and sweeping melody of You Will Be Queen are so gracefully combined with the dance moves and concept of ‘Extension’“, says Novak.  For the band, it is a a collaboration that conveys precisely what was intended with this theme: delicacy, sophistication and simultaneously, fragility.
The signature style of The Gift has been their creative partnerships with international filmmakers, artists and creative teams which have defined all their video single releases from ALTER so far – Love Without Violins [Paulo Costa Pinto, Director; JoãoCarvalho, Artist] Clinic Hope, shot in Brooklyn, New York [Carleton Ranney, Director; Logan Cunningham, Actor] and Big Fish, recorded in Rio de Janeiro [Duda De Almeida and PauloCosta Pinto, Directors; Studio Contra, Producers].

Watch the video for You Will Be Queen here!