What is the most important element to your success in the performing arts … ?
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a. Talent
b. Who you know
c. Training
d. Your looks
e. Your personality
Mmm. Let’s say it’s a combination of all of these elements, and more.
Trouble is, so many people think if they fall short in any one of these areas, they’ll never see their dreams become reality. See their problem? It’s hidden in there. … Got it? That’s right. They THINK too much!
The great news is there is something you can DO about it.
Ask any super successful performer what the most powerful ingredient was for them. They’ll tell you ACTION. They took massive amounts of action.
Some wrote musicals, some created cabaret shows, some produced co-op plays, and others created dance companies and applied for grants. But everyone needs confidence, and a little inside knowledge from experts helps you get that edge. These are the tactics that kick start careers.
Be an action maker not a promise taker. A promise is something you take, not make. Once you have achieved your goal, you will have made good on the promise.
And remember, get really connected to WHY you want this goal, and let the HOW TOs just flow in to your life. (We’ve discussed this here before)
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Congratulations! In addition to the above information, you are now about to experience the part of my blog that will hard wire you for ACTION. Are you ready? Go!
Ruminate –
1. To chew again what has already been chewed slightly and then swallowed; chew the cud.
2. To engage in contemplation
Ok, so that’s not new to you, but do you really know what cud is? I don’t want to get all graphic and visual on you here but contemplate this:
Cud –
Food that returns from the stomach into the mouth to be chewed for the second time. More accurately, it is semi-degraded food regurgitated from the reticulorumen.
I’m not going even tell you what that last word means. You can Google that and let me know later. Hint: Your vet will know.
Let’s agree that rumination is like eating already half digested ideas. Ok?
Ask yourself now, “Is that really what I want to spend my time doing? ”
If you’ve got this far into the blog I congratulate you! You are now fully qualified to Cut the Cud and take masses of success producing ACTION.
Let’s see what the world thinks is the most important element to success. Take the official AuditionGuru poll at www.auditionguru.blogspot.com
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