Thinking about FULL TIME?

DANCELIFE brings you the Dance & Performing Arts FULL TIME COURSES GUIDE for 2017!

The guide has been created specifically for students that are serious about wanting a career in the dance and entertainment industry. With personal notes from Directors and a wealth of information from key professionals to keep you healthy in body, mind and spirit, DanceLife’s Full Time Courses Guide for 2017 helps you navigate the many choices availalble as you embark upon this most important and exciting time of your life!
To visit a studio’s website, social media pages or send an enquiry, simply click on the contact links or advertisements – it couldn’t be easier! Please find below the link to take you to the DanceLife Full Time Courses Guide for 2017.
The Australian Entertainment Industry is booming but competition is fierce as there is an abundance of talented performers out there. Versatility is the key for anyone that wants to be continually working in the industry so choosing the RIGHT Full Time Course for YOU is crucial. Whether you are about to complete your final year at high school or are thinking about options available for further dance & performing arts education, our guide will give you comprehensive information to help you make that all important decision.
You can view the guide as an online magazine below OR download the guide to your computer, tablet or smartphone for easy navigation HERE.