ASK THE PHYSIO | Let’s Talk Feet?

Health & Wellbeing
Take a SnapShot at Our Wonderful Feet Part 1 by Sally Harrison from Pro-Align & Strength4Dance As we head into the start of 2022 you may be heading into full time training, maybe embarking on a new project or contract, or maybe this is the year to open up your own school or teach some regul… Read Article

ASK THE PHYSIO | Sesamoids

Health & Wellbeing
Could You Have Sesamoiditis? Painful 1st Toe Joint Explained by Sally Harrison from Pro-Align & Strength4Dance   So what happened in clinic this week? Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen an increase in the number of dancers with pain under the 1st toe joint. As with many are… Read Article

ASK THE PHYSIO | Start 2021 Strong

Health & Wellbeing
Let’s Get 2021 Off to a Strong Start … At Home Program for Dancers Know Your Movement by Sally Harrison from Pro-Align & Strength4Dance If you were like me, it was a strong start to 2020 full of plans, commitments and trips and then … BOOM! … nope! It all changed. Personally… Read Article

At Home Physio: Functional Feet

Health & Wellbeing
  Strength4Dance At Home Programme for Dancers 1. Improve Your Foot FunctionStrength4Dance understands that you might be worried about not having your usual dance class to go to and perhaps you’re wondering how to make sure you don’t lose too much strength/fitness… Read Article

ASK THE PHYSIO | The Pyramid of Performance

Health & Wellbeing
The Pyramid of Performance Stacking the Right Elements to be a Peak Performer by Sally Harrison from Band-ITS & Strength4Dance We’ve heard the expression “practice makes perfect.”  But have you ever found that no matter how hard you try, or how many times you repeat something, it j… Read Article

ASK THE PHYSIO | Functional Movement

Health & Wellbeing
Functional Exercise for Dancers (Part 1) The 7 Movements We Need to Get Really Strong by Sally Harrison from Band-ITS & Strength4Dance Functional exercise has become a bit of a buzz word in the fitness world recently ⏤ but what does it actually mean and how can we apply it to our dance pr… Read Article

ASK THE PHSYIO | Sciatic Nerve

Health & Wellbeing
Let’s Talk About Dancers’ Nerves… the Sciatic Nerve! by Sally Harrison, Pro-Align and Strength4Dance The sciatic nerve is one of the more commonly known nerves in the body.It is one of the longest and largest nerves in the body and can be as thick as a thumb in some places. It forms fr… Read Article

ASK THE PHYSIO | Cardio Training

Health & Wellbeing
Let’s get sweaty! Talking Cardio Training for Dancers by Sally Harrison, Perfect Form Physiotherapy “I want to improve my cardio fitness.” This is a common goal I hear from many dancers My first question in response to this statement is always … why? What do you want to achieve? Wha… Read Article

ASK THE PHYSIO | How To Breathe

Health & Wellbeing
Breathe In … and Out The Art of Optimal Breathing for Dance by Sally Harrison, Perfect Form Physiotherapy Breathing truly is the foundation of life. It is the method by which we get the transfer of oxygen into our lungs for absorption into the circulation. It is also how we can contro… Read Article

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