FRAME: Explore, Experience and Grow March 1-31

FRAME A Biennial of Dance

March 1-31 

To celebrate and support FRAME‘s commitment to growing and strengthening the dance sector in Melbourne, the inaugral FRAME will host an exciting set of workshops where students and independent artists can experience a rich diversity of techniques, styles and approaches, taught by a selection of highly experienced teachers.

Each morning for the month of March, classes at Chunky Move and Lucy Guerin Inc are completely free. In a joint statement, Antony Hamilton (Chunky Move) and Lucy Guerin Inc (LGI) said “We’re delighted to offer these free Morning Classes across March. Whether you’re a regular or a complete beginner, the program of classes has something for all.”

“Δ (Change from Aotearoa)” is a talanoa/exchange between street dance leaders exploring the currents and tides of dance in Te moana nui a Kiwa and open to all advanced movers over the age of 16 at Dancehouse. At The Substation, “DaS” exists as a form of training for dance artists and musicians to practice live performance together.

“Dancing outside the FRAME” presented by Ausdance on Sunday afternoons throughout March will be delivered with choreographic artists Caroline Bowditch, Phillip Adams and David Prakash.

DaS #7 by Jo IIoyd, Melanie Lane and Female Wizard – The Substation
“DaS #7” is facilitated by The Substation resident artists Melanie Lane and Jo Lloyd and soundtracked by a live set from artist and musician Female Wizard. Imagined as an experience of ‘choreography and sound’, “DaS” exists as a form of training for dance artists and musicians to practice live performance together. Open and free to all practising dance artists, “DaS” focuses on listening; to sound, to the body, to space and considers this as a frame to transport, transform, share and rupture.
10 March. The Substation, 1 Market St Newport.

Sleep Activism: A Choreographic Practice Laboratory by Amaara Raheem & Collaborators Lucy Guerin Inc 
Over a 12-hour cycle we’ll be exploring notions of sleep/lessness as a corporeal practice; as sites of unlearning and resistance. Considering relations between standing and falling, activity and passivity, doing and undoing, “Sleep Activism” declares itself first and foremost a choreographic practice in which our bodies become sites of encounter. This workshop is suitable for artists of any discipline who are interested in collective, durational, emergent, and generative choreographic practices. You don’t need to be a professional dancer to engage in this lab but you do need to be open and willing to move.
18 March. WXYZ Studios,130 Dryburgh Street North Melbourne

Dancing outside the FRAME by Caroline Bowditch, David Prakash, Phillip Adams and Ausdance VIC Ausdance  
Ausdance VIC is thrilled to partner with three inspiring choreographers and dance leaders; Caroline Bowditch, David Prakash, and Phillip Adams to investigate our ability to create, consider, connect, and curate, and collaborate beyond our individual reality through a series of exploratory workshops and an industry-led interactive forum. Held on Sunday afternoons, the sessions are a holistic dive into dance and discussion alongside some of our industry’s most valuable allies.
5-26 March. Temperance Hall 199 Napier St, South Melbourne.

LGI Morning Class + FRAME FRIDAYS – Lucy Guerin Inc 
Lucy Guerin Inc (LGI) offers a regular program of dance classes at WXYZ Studios in North Melbourne, part of the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting the continued development of Melbourne’s dance artists. Morning Classes are taught by a selection of highly-experienced teachers, providing a rich diversity of techniques, styles and approaches.To celebrate the inaugural FRAME, LGI Morning Classes will be free of charge for the month of March. LGI Morning Classes are recommended for dancers with some training or experience including recent graduates, current students, trained and practicing dancers.
1-31 March. WXYZ Studios,130 Dryburgh Street North Melbourne. 

Body-Cites: Conversation Series Curated by Priya Namana – Centre for Projection Art 
Centre for Projection Art will be in conversation with exhibiting artists to delve deeper into their intersectional and choreographic modes of thinking within their practices.

(Change from Aotearoa): by Jahra Wasasala, Jaycee Iman and Ooshcon – Dancehouse
Presented by Dancehouse, these workshops are suitable for advanced movers over the age of 16.
“Vogue Runway and Essence” with Jaycee Iman. Learn the essence of Vogue and strut it down a catwalk. This class includes working on Essence, a term used in ballroom to explain performance quality and movement expression rooted in gender empowerment. “Δ  Waving” with Ooschon. Join waving champion Ooschon for their first Naarm masterclass as they share the fundamentals of the Street dance form along with improvisational tools. Ooshcon’s specialised training and approach concentrates on deepening self-awareness through body isolation and control.
“CONJAH” with Jahra Wasasala and Ooschon. Creature Movement work and World-Building drive this unique movement improvisation workshop led by collaborative duo, CONJAH. The self-titled technique amalgamates modes of storytelling and talanoa/exchange using their gafa (lineage) both culturally and somatically.
20-29 March. Dancehouse, 150 Princes Street North Carlton.

FRAME represents dance artists across all forms, practices, cultures, histories, disciplines, aesthetics, and experimentations. FRAME responds to the need in Australia’s dance practice of a flagship festival to concentrate, connect and celebrate the work of dance and movement artists across the continent. FRAME will be delivered through an unprecedented alignment of diverse arts organisations working collectively with a shared purpose and with an artist curatorium comprising 20 dance artists FRAME will be adaptive and will respond to current conditions in its scale with ambitions to be sustained over a 10-year cycle. It has been created by an arts community recovering from the ongoing effects of interconnected crises and utilising artist-led, intergenerational, cross-sectoral and locally focused models of collaboration and collective organising. 

For a complete list of workshops, talks and more please see the additional information.

FRAME: A biennial of dance

Presenting Partners

Arts House, City of Melbourne

Bunjil Place

Centre for Projection Art

Chunky Move


Darebin Arts Speakeasy

Lucy Guerin Inc

Punctum Inc.

Temperance Hall

The Australian Ballet

The Substation

Associate Partners

Arts Centre Melbourne
Abbotsford Convent
Next Wave

Arts House
Australian Ballet Centre Studios
Basement Theatre (NZ)
Brunswick Mechanics Institute
Bendigo Venues & Events
Darebin Arts Centre
Goods Shed Arts, Castlemaine
Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre
The Substation
Temperance Hall
WXYZ Studios

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