REVIEW | You, Beauty

You, Beauty Dancing in the Belly of a Cloud Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Chunky Move’s latest production, You, Beauty, transports audiences into an ethereal realm where reality bends and art transcends conventional boundaries. Set in Melbourne’s historic Immigration Museum’… Read Article

Interview with Melanie Lane – RISING 2024

Rising Festival 2024 Australian/Javanese Choreographer and Performer Interview by Chris Duncan Melanie is an Australian/Javanese choreographer and performer. She has collaborated with artists from film, visual art, theatre and music, creating works that tread between perform… Read Article

Interview with Antony Hamilton – RISING 2024

Rising Festival 2024 Artistic Director and co-CEO of Chunky Move Interview by Chris Duncan Antony Hamilton was appointed Artistic Director and co-CEO of Chunky Move in 2019. His choreographic work examines the elemental and primordial nature of the body, set against intersecting na… Read Article

RISING Festival 2024: Dance Program Highlights

RISING Festival 2024 Dance Program Highlights The RISING festival in Melbourne this year unveils a dance program filled with innovative and thought-provoking performances. From world premieres to unique narrative explorations, the festival is set to captivate audiences with its… Read Article

An Intimate Dance Heist from Two Rising Stars

Cuddle February 20 – 25, 2024 A dynamic and difficult duel filled with surprises, CUDDLE ebbs and flows through the joyful and riotous to the inventive and technically brilliant. With the energy of an underground fight club, Harrison Ritchie-Jones and Michaela Tancheff weave cont… Read Article

Brisbane Powerhouse Presents ΩHM 2024

ΩHM Festival of Other Music 28 February – 20 April 2024 Brisbane Powerhouse announces the return of ΩHM Festival of Other Music following its spectacular debut earlier this year. Curated by Brisbane Powerhouse Arts Program Director Brad Spolding and celebrated composer Lawrence… Read Article

REVIEW | 4/4

4/4 by Chunky Move Fluid Beauty Unveiled: 4/4 by Chunky Move Offers a Soothing Symphony of Movement Reviewed by Brendan Daynes 4/4 is a mesmerising and soothing experience that washes over audiences in the Malthouse Theatre like waves of tranquility, embracing them in a dance of rhythm… Read Article

REVIEW | FRAME A biennial of dance

FRAME A biennial of dance A Collaborative and Transformative Dance Festival for Melbourne Reviewed by Brendan Daynes During the month of March, Melbourne’s art scene came together to celebrate and showcase dance in all its forms as part of FRAME: A biennial festival of dance tha… Read Article

FRAME: Explore, Experience and Grow March 1-31

FRAME A Biennial of Dance March 1-31  To celebrate and support FRAME‘s commitment to growing and strengthening the dance sector in Melbourne, the inaugral FRAME will host an exciting set of workshops where students and independent artists can experience a rich diversity of tec… Read Article

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