Experience 4 Nights of ‘Global Fusion’ at the Thomas Dixon Centre

Global Fusion

Thomas Dixon Centre

Soak up vibrant culture through dance, food and music without leaving Brisbane in a series of wanderlust-worthy mini-festivals at the Thomas Dixon Centre – Brisbane’s newest cultural hub.

The first ‘Thomas Dixon Centre Presents’ series, Global Fusion kicks off on 10 September with cultures from Spain to Mexico. Other events following soon after include East Asia and Tibet, India, and Cuba.

Renowned choreographer and curator of the events Rani Luther said these evenings should be on everyone’s bucket list.

“Not to be missed, these evenings fuse some of the world’s most vibrant sights, sounds and flavours. You’ll be treated to an evening driven by dance, ignited by music, and topped off with delicious food – all in a festive setting.

“It’s your chance to be transported across the globe and immersed in different cultures without having to leave Brisbane,” said Ms Luther

Merging forces with BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre), Global Fusion is just a hint of what’s to come at the centre.

Executive Director Dilshani Weerasinghe said she is truly excited to create opportunities for artists of all genres, community groups and audiences alike.

“The ‘Thomas Dixon Centre Presents’ series will give platforms to artists locally, nationally, and internationally, sharing creative talents far and wide.

Global Fusion exemplifies the vision we have at the Thomas Dixon Centre and we can’t wait to invite our community to experience this event.

“We are currently seeking expressions of interest for those wishing to use the spaces, and our sector and community will have the opportunity to access spaces and facilities as part of our commitment and service to our wider arts community.

Tickets are on sale for only $50, including a free drink on arrival. Don’t miss out!

Global Fusion – Spain to Mexico BOOK

Global Fusion – Asia and Tibet BOOK

Global Fusion – Cuba and Global Fusion India on sale from 19 September 2022.

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