Emerging Choreographers Program 2021

Dancehouse Announces Participants of Year Long Choreographic Program

Following the success of Dancehouse‘s first year of running their Emerging Choreographers Program (ECP)  from July 2019 – June 2020, they decided to run a second year-long program in 2021. Submissions were sought from young aspiring dance theatre choreographers, with the applications closing on November 5.

Dancehouse’s Emerging Choreographers Program (ECP) is a year-long capacity building and professional development initiative. It gives young choreographers from diverse cultural and training backgrounds support to develop the skills required for ongoing self-sustaining artistic enquiry, including the concrete tools needed for creating and administering their work.

Dancehouse is delighted to announce that the dancers invited to participate in the 2021 ECP are: Alec Pernes, Anthony Poeung, Jimmy Nguyen, Michaela Ottone, Shelley O’Meara, Adrien Tucker, Alec Katsourakis, Emily Bowman, Shriraam Theiventhiran, Alex Dobson, Ebony Muller, Ngioka Bunda-Heath, Rukshikaa Elankumaran, Yuiko Masukawa, Damian Meredith, Devika Bilimoria, Kady Mansour, Piaera Lauritz, and Zoe Bastin

The Emerging Choreographer’s Program (ECP) is open to Victorian emerging choreographers and dancers from diverse dance training backgrounds interested in developing an ongoing, sustainable choreographic practice – tools, processes and thinking – alongside a community of other artists at similar stages in their careers.

The mentors for this year’s round were Dr Priya Srinivasan, Joel Bray, Stephanie Lake and Efren Pamilacanisit.

For more information about Dancehouse’s ECP: www.dancelife.com.au/emerging-choreographers-program

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