DANCEKOOL VOLUME 2401/11/09 Sunday 3:00pm – 11:00pm
Manning Bar, Sydney University
$18 Tickets at Door
$15 Presale
All Ages event.
Dancekool Volume 24 is here and it’s time to see who is the greatest dancer in Australia.
Dancekool Vol 24 is this year?s biggest hip hop dance event celebrating Street Dance, Culture and Music. This year’s event will host the biggest 1on1 battle in Dancekool’s history with Style King 2009, an all 1on1 battle in four different styles, Breaking, Hip Hop, Popping and Locking.
In front of world famous international judges, it’s every man for himself as they compete to crown a new Style King. The action will be heated as they use all the skills they have to make it to the top. With amazing moves, skillful techniques and the will to win, come and see dancers from all over Australia compete for the top spot and the grand prize.
Dancekool is also a celebration of some of the best crews and up and coming dancers that Sydney has to offer. Both professional and young crews have worked hard to put together shows that display their dance skills. Come watch and be amazed by the talent, skill and choreography of teams featuring Nu, the Godzillas of Hip Hop, Deja, Sydney’s top female dance team, K-Rooster from Korea, Super Shady Stars, Liverpool Street Breakers and more.
Dancekool is also a venue to teach everybody about hip hop culture and dance. Throughout the day we will be holding free workshops and classes to learn some of the dance foundations and basic moves. Ever wanted to learn footwork? Groove? Some famous moves and steps?
All day you’ll have a chance to interact with professional dancers and teachers and learn a thing or two, not just about dance, but about the history of hip hop and battle culture. Also, we’ll have special classes and activities just for kids. This is an all ages event, so come down, whatever age you might be.
Dancekool also provides a venue to listen to some of the best of Sydney?s Music scene. Hosted by MC Mistey and MC Jeremy and with DJ Naiki, DJ Mathmatic, DJ Libre and DJ Suke. This time we’ll have cypher time for dancers throughout the day, so you guys can get down and watch some dope dancers just letting loose.
Dancekool Volume 24 is a celebration of Hip Hop dance, a street dance festival. Come watch some of the dopest dance you’ll ever see, learn and experience the culture, and join the Dancekool Family.
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