Dance Studio Ignite

Dance Studio Event of the Year …
Learn How to Grow, Promote and Profit in 2016

Sunday 14 February, Sydney  |  Sunday 6 March, Brisbane  |  Sunday 20 March, Melbourne

Join world-renowned choreographer and mentor, Kelley Abbey, dancer and choreographer Marko Panzic and dance studio owner business mentor Clint Salter for a not-to be missed event where you’ll spend a whole day focusing on transforming your Dance Studio.

Clint Salter is asking ‘Are you ready to take your Dance Studio to the next level?’ If you responded ‘yes,’ then I want to invite you to Dance Studio IGNITE: A one-day live event happening in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne where the spotlight is on you and your business! After helping hundreds of Dance Studio Owners across the globe accelerate growth in their business, our attention is now on you! It’s now your turn to take the next step and create the Dance Studio you have always wanted. Over the course of the day, Kelley, Marko and I will be giving you our blueprint and roadmap for how YOU can become the ‘GO-TO’ Dance Studio in your area.

“We’re so excited to be sharing this event with you as it’s one we believe in. Too often we see Studio Owners working long weeks; always giving, giving, giving to everyone else without taking any time out to focus on growing their studio and enhancing their personal life,” said Clint Salter.

During the course of the day Kelley, Marko and Clint will walk you through their 4-part formula for running a thriving and profitable studio – The 4 Ps! – Process, People, Promotion and Personal:


  • How to create a solid business foundation in your studio whether you’re a new or experienced studio owner.
  • The 10 minute process for creating efficient and effective administration systems in your studio so it can run without you.
  • What technology you you need to be using in your studio to get more done in less time (there’s only 3 things you need).


  • The 3 biggest mistakes studio owners are making when it comes to hiring staff and teachers and how it’s sending studios downhill.
  • The 4 key roles you need to recruit for in your studio if you want to create a business that doesn’t need you 24/7.
  • Why students leave and the one thing you can do tomorrow to decrease drop outs by up to 50%.


  • How to enroll a student in 7 days – from enquiry to signing the enrollment form. (We’ll give you the roadmap!)
  • Effective ways to use Facebook and Instagram advertising to target your ideal students and parents and, more importantly, get them to make contact with you!
  • The formula for getting through the noise produced by every other studio and how you can stand out from the pack once and for all with proven tactics that WORK!


  • Defining your vision, mission and values for you and your studio to ensure you continue moving to the next level and beyond.
  • How to increase your productivity and become more effective and efficient on a daily basis. It’s time for you to get your life back!
  • Why studio owners burn out and the fail-proof plan to avoid this in your business.

Who is Dance Studio IGNITE for?

  1. An aspiring, motivated person who is planning to open a studio in the near future—or someone whose studio is only a few years old and still in the ‘hobby’ phase.
  2. Maybe you’ve been running your studio for a few years and feel like business has plateaued. Now, the go-getter inside you wants to take your business to the next level.
  3. Perhaps you’re a Studio Owner who has created a successful business—but you yearn to take it even further. Maybe you view your successful Dance Studio as still hovering in mediocrity—and you want to turn it into the ‘GO-TO’ Dance Studio in your area (and beyond)!

From learning how to set up sustainable business systems that run without you, to finding the right teachers for your studio (and how to keep them),  plus how to effectively advertise through Facebook and Instagram to bring in new students all while avoiding burn out … Dance Studio IGNITE has you covered.

If you want more for your studio and life, then this event was created for you. Book your tickets now to ensure Early Bird prices. Go to for tickets and all information.

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