DAIR Recipients Announced

10 Dance Artists In Residence Funded by Ausdance NSW

Ausdance NSW have announced the 10 successful artists of this year’s Dance Artists in Residence (DAIR) program, who will be beginning their funded residencies shortly.

It was a highly competitive round with the most amount of applications ever received, stated Ausdance NSW. “We look forward to seeing the work that comes from this program. Thank you to our partner venues for giving Ausdance 1-2 weeks of space in kind. Without their support, this program would not be possible.”

The Ausdance NSW Dance Artist in Residence Program (DAIR) offers space residencies at various host venues across NSW, for members of Ausdance NSW who are independent dance artists, collectives or companies. DAIR is a direct response to the ongoing challenges of access to affordable and appropriate spaces, for the development of dance making and the development of practice. DAIR activities involve creative development, research, mentorships, rehearsal and the remounting of work.

DAIR 2021 will be split into 2 parts: DAIR Funded Recipeints and DAIR Space Grants (ongoing since 2013). Stay tuned for the announcement of the 6 Space Grant recipients and keep an eye on our social media for more information about the projects these artists will be working on.

Read more about the DAIR program here.

The 2021 DAIR Funded Recipients and their allocated venues are:

  • Gabriela Green Olea (ACPE)
  • Holly Craig (ACPE)
  • JC Bailey & Hanging Around Co (Art In Motion)
  • Kiara Malcolm-Wilson & TransformNation (Alstonville Studio)
  • Lee Serle (ReadyMade Works)
  • Martin del Amo (ACPE)
  • Mitchell Christie (ACPE)
  • Riana Head-Toussaint (ACPE)
  • Tra Mi Dinh (NAISDA)
  • Wendy Yu (RAD)


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