DAIR 2021

Dance Artists In Residence Program 2021

Applications Close March 8

Ausdance NSW’s Dance Artist In Residence program supports the development of new dance work and originated in response to the need for NSW dance artists to access studio space. The residency program supports the development of new work at any stage of its incubation.

In 2020, in the midst of the Covid19 public health and economic crisis, the program was quickly adapted to #DAIR Online.

In 2021, the Ausdance NSW Dance Artist In Residence program looks a bit different. The program has been revamped once again to accommodate a range of remote modes of working in our “new normal” as well as virtual platforms on which to present work. There will be three streams: DAIR to be LiveDAIR to be Digital, and DAIR to be Hybrid.

While all DAIR recipients must be in residence at a host venue in NSW, they can choose to produce live work (DAIR to be Live) or digital material, either exclusively (DAIR to be Digital) or as part of a live/screen format (DAIR to be Hybrid).

DAIR 2021 thus brings artists closer together. Recipients can collaborate not only with NSW-based artists but also remotely with regional NSW, interstate and even international artists to be specified in this application form.

Ten selected artists will each receive an honorarium for a one-week residency with the option to extend their residency in the form of a one-week space grant. Artists will receive a mentor/dramaturg who can be requested in this form or suggested by or discussed in consultation with Ausdance NSW.

Please note, honorariums and mentor/ dramaturg fees are subject to funding from Create NSW.

The DAIR program currently successfully supports:

  • access to suitable arts spaces for NSW based artists
  • the capacity building potential in the independent sector through the creation of new work
  • diversity in the creation of new work across the sector
  • access for independent dance practise across the sector career stages – early, mid and established
  • continued collaborations with venues and artists in both metropolitan and regional areas such as: Sydney Opera House –Access Program, NAISDA – First Nations, Campbelltown Arts Centre – Western Sydney, Alstonville Studio (Regional), Royal Academy of Dance, ReadyMade Works and Australian College of Physical Education (Metro NSW).

DAIR 2021 artists in residence will be selected based on the following criteria.

  • Radical and salient idea
  • Well-researched process suited to a specified live, digital or hybrid space
  • Clear articulation of rationale
  • Benefit to the artist at this point in the development of a work

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Monday 8th March, 5 pm

More information on DAIR: ausdancensw.com.au/projects/dair-dance-artists-residence


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