Creative & Active Kids $100 Vouchers

Time to Apply for the 2020 Vouchers from NSW Government

Claim $200 with both ‘Creative Kids’ and ‘Active Kids’ for Dancers

The NSW Government will continue its popular Active Kids and Creative Kids $100 rebate voucher programs for all school students from K-12 involved in approved physical and creative activities outside of school.

This is the third year of the Active Kids program and the second year for the Creative Kids scheme. The Active Kids program will be offered twice throughout the year – the second voucher can be applied for from July 1 and must be used for activities between July 1 and December 31 2020. At this stage, the Creative Kids voucher will only be offered once for 2020.

The voucher programs are designed to assist parents with the costs of providing their school-aged children physical and creative activities. Dance training is included under both Active Kids and Creative Kids programs, so it can be used to assist fees from both programs.  The vouchers can be applied for and claimed anytime throughout the year.

The Active Kids rebate covers sporting and swimming pursuits, programmed physical fitness programs, and approved active recreations such as dance.

The new Creative Kids rebate covers activities such as music, dance, drama, language classes, visual arts programs, coding and design.

The vouchers can only be redeemed if the provider is registered with the programs online; so get your dance, drama, singing, and art teachers to sign up today!

For more information and to Apply for an Active or Creative Kids voucher follow the links below: